Rounding Third by Line Drive July 11th 2017

Hello and welcome to this weeks issue of Rounding Third. The boys and girls who pull on the black and orange of Wangaratta had the week off. The Victorian U16’s Winter Baseball Championships were played down at Tagoora Park over the past weekend. It was taken out by The Dandenong Baseball Association, who went through the whole weekend undefeated. Congratulations to the DBA. There were plenty of specators down at the Ranch judging by the number of cars in the car park over the two days. Only three rounds to go before finals. More about that later. Now on to other news.

Orange turn the corner. Black get the job done

     It has been talked about over the past few weeks that Rangers Orange have been slowly and steadily building into the season. This was definitely the case in the last round up at Porepunkah where, the Rangers boys and girls came from behind to run over Benalla 14-11. Gaffer Jamie Samuels was chuffed with her chargers. Best for the game in the field were “Whacko Jacko” Wright, Simon “Lefty” O’Neil and “The Game” Jason Jonker. Steve “Fernando” Peruzzo hit the ball hard and to all parts of the field while young gun Damien “Rookie” French got the glass for the day. In the late game, Rangers Black finally overcame a stubborn and always competitive Porepunkah eventually running out winners 9-2. From all reports it was a close tight tussle up into the later innings, where finally the Ranger offense led by Bryan “Moose” Wilson moonshot the break on their opposition. Great job ladies and gentlemen.

Winter Wonders

     It had not rained in over six weeks but those in the know had a feeling in their achy bones that the rain might come as the North Eastern baseball Association was holding the U16’s State Winter Championships. However there was going to be no repeat of last years deluge.  A bit of rain dampened the ground Saturday morning but did not play much part for the rest of the weekend. This would have come as much relief to all the volunteers from all clubs who put in the hours in the Canteen, the Barbeque and on ground duties. A big thank you to all who came down helped out and made the weekend a successful one. AS they say many hands make light work.

Damien French Gun for hire

     The Rookie took some red hot form from Porepunkah the previous week into the Winter Championship weekend. He was drafted in to play for the Sunraysia Baseball league under sixteens outfit. From reading the reports on the Sunraysia page, Damo had a weekend out. Plenty of hits and pitched an inning or two. Great job Damo. Here’s to continuing that red hot form into the final three games of the season. Big thanks to Sunraysia for giving Damo the opportunity to play over the weekend.

Spinner Summons the Troops

     President Tony “Spinner” Smith was at the forefront of the effort to get members of the Rangers to come along and help out on the weekend. All his huffing and puffing was worth it. It was great to see a whole host of names who volunteered their time to help the carnival run as smoothly as possible. It just proves that when everyone does a little bit over the course of the season, everything can run much more smoothly. Great job Spinner.

DJ won’t be playing the decks for a while

     Resident Wangaratta Rangers DJ Sarah Iwanuch had a bit of a slip up last week. It ;looks like she made a right mess of her hand by accident. Judging from the photos there was plenty of claret spilt and a good lot of bandages on her hand. Sarah assures us all that it was just a little slip up and she will be back down the Ranch very soon. That is a thumbs up from all of us at Wangaratta.

Lucky Ticket. Two weeks

     The Rangers one and only Lucky Ticket night is almost here. For $25 you get a chance to win some cash and have a rocking good time with all your favorite Ranger players down at the Ranch. Tickets are selling fast so if you do not have one, drop the club a line and we will try and accommodate you with one.

Three weeks to go

     Yes three weeks is all that is left in the 2017 season before finals. Where has that gone? This week the Rangers tackle the Bears. On July 22nd a rare Saturday game is being played between Wangaratta and Wodonga Warriors. For the final week Rangers Orange will play Rangers Black for bragging rights. Make sure you come down to training have some fun and play some baseball.

Ranger Ramble VI update

     Legendary tour operator Daniel Griffin informs Line Drive that Ranger Ramble VI numbers are at an all time high. Once again all the usual suspect will be in attendance but some rookies are looking to put their stamp on a Ranger tour. As mentioned before a few will be making their debut. More information in the coming weeks in regards to Ranger Ramble VI 2017.

The power of positivity.

     Line Drive has been thinking over the past few weeks about life, baseball, and of course Wangaratta Rangers. When you stand back and really think about it, we really do have a great club. When there is something that needs to be done. It gets done. When volunteers are required to help run an event. Volunteers put their hand up. No matter what the task is, there is always someone to lend a hand. At times things are tough. We get cranky, frustrated, disenchanted but then you realize  why would players drive over one hundred kilometers a week to attend training and to play on the weekend? As a player said to this scribe recently about the travel, “I just love playing.” It can be as simple as that. The positive forward momentum the club has made in the past few years, we should be proud of. We support one another, we go on end of year trips, we help out when we are needed. Thursday night dinners are definitely something each player who goes to training looks forward to. There are always bumps and kinks in the road but if we continue to support one another and help out the club in our own unique ways, then Wangaratta Rangers will be the club that we all want it to be. Supportive, Positive and most importantly having fun playing Baseball.

Now for the Club News-

  • This week both teams are playing against Bears.
  • Lucky Ticket draw $25 a ticket to be held Saturday July 22 from 6pm
  • Ranger Ramble October 2017.
  • Merchandise is available. Grab a beanie for $25.
  • Subs are due see Jenko for details.
  • Training 6pm Thursday. Butts is cooking Nachos!
  • Checkout teamapp Wangaratta Rangers and follow us on Twitter. We can also be found on Facebook,.

Short and sharp this week. There will be much to discuss in the next read.

Till then

Go Rangers

Rounding Third by Line Drive June 27th 2017

Hello and welcome to this weeks edition of Rounding Third. The weekend saw your Rangers guys and girls head up the Hume to Albury to take on perennial powerhouse NASC Bears. In the early game, the rapidly improving Rangers Orange got off to a slow start against Bears Gold. However the damage was already done with Bears running out 15-5 victors. In the late game, a vastly different Rangers Black looked to turn the tables on Bears Green. It was a very high quality game of baseball with some newer Rangers getting some good swings in, against a very good Bears pitcher. In the end Rangers Black could not make any inroads and lost by the score of 10-2. Credit to the Bears who tacked on runs here and there throughout the game. A big thanks to all traveling supporters of both clubs who braved some very indifferent baseball conditions. Your support every week is greatly appreciated by all who take the diamond. Now last weeks edition was epic, what has been happening in the past seven days?
A night out with the Rangers
     Jamie “The Gaffer” Samuels got to experience what it is like to head out with some of the Ranger boys on Friday night. She thought it was a good idea to partake in a social night with them via the Wangaratta Soccer Club. Early on she witnessed Tetsu “The Pest” Kamiyama in full flight and Rob “Butts” Seymour just having a good night. One thing to know Jamie is  when you see a way out you take it. Ask Steve “Fernando” Peruzzo how to do it.  Jamie had not learned that yet and witnessed all sorts of shenanigans. Let’s just say it ended with “The Pest” getting lost. Once again for those who know, it was just another standard night out with the Wangaratta Rangers.
Dropsy does it again.
     Kelsey “Dropsy” Burder had a cracker of a game down at Benalla last weekend. Looking back at the score book and stats sheet, Kelsey went five for five with all his other stats through the roof. Could he continue his hot streak this week against Bears Gold? Sadly not a chance. He lost all coordination behind the plate and could not even throw the ball back to the pitcher. If Shaun “Old School” O’Neil was there he would have been well pleased that the heat was off him for the week. Kelsey did admit to Line Drive spies that he owed a bit to the tin this week. Things improved for him as the day wore on and by the end Dropsy was gone and Kelsey was back. On a side note whatever Burder is doing with his swing he should keep doing it. Come have a look. Burder is burning it up.
Dinsdales know how to hit
     The apple does not fall far from the tree when it comes to Leah and Lauren Dinsdale. Both this year have shown the same approach to hitting as their father Ian “Dino” Dinsdale. “See ball hit ball.” Looking through the books, both put the ball in play regularly and are tough outs at the plate. This was definitely the case versus Bears Gold. Dinsdale gets on base with, Dinsdale driving in the run. Good work team Dinsdale.
The winter is here
     The past weekend saw a few changes to each team from the Thursday to the Sunday. Both Jamie “The Gaffer” Samuels and Bryan “Moose” Wilson dealt with the situation admirably. It just seemed to be a perfect storm. In the end our ‘we never forfeit’ attitude came to the fore with Kelsey Burder backing up in the second game as well as Simon “Lefty” O’Neil and “The Game” Jason Jonker. Brad “Undies” Murdoch stuck around all day too just in case something went wrong. Special mention to Kevin “The Legend” Pool who scored both games in some very cool conditions. To all injured out there look after yourselves we hope you get better soon.
Rangers Lucky Ticket is back
     That’s right on Saturday July 22 will see the annual Rangers Lucky Ticket night. Once again MC’s Cam “The Soak” Scott and
Scott “The Beard” Jenkins will be your hosts for the draw. Tickets are again $25, so see a club member for a ticket. Baseball brothers in arms, Wodonga Warriors, are keen for a cracking night with their Ranger brethren, and have purchased a book of tickets.  Baseball will be played on Saturday the 21st July against Wodonga before the draw so come along and have a look at some Saturday baseball. Look out for “The Golden Pufferfish” Ash Meyers to have a great day both on and off the field.
Ranger ramble is filling up
     Event Organiser Dan “The Griff” Griffin informs Line Drive that places on this years Ranger Ramble to Bendigo are rapidly filling up. Already Griff can confirm he has thirteen travellers for the sixth installment of this annual event. To those who are keen to go, better get paying and talk to Griff. One thing we know is that it will be a corker of a trip like the other five. This year’s theme is beach party. So get out your best Hawaiian shirts for a rocking fun weekend in October.
Victorian Winter Baseball Champs is almost here
     On July 8th and 9th the North Eastern Baseball Association will be hosting the Under 16’s winter championships at Targoora Park. This is a call out to all Rangers who are around on the weekend to pitch in and help out with a slot on Saturday or Sunday morning. This coming Saturday, President Tony “Spinner” Smith needs some help getting the ground up to usual high standard. So please spare and hour here or there and help out. Many hands make light work. A hour here or there means a lot to many. If all clubs could work together and help out then that would be awesome. Wear your work boots and be there at 9am.
Thursday Night Training
     This Thursday, a meal has yet to be decided upon but no matter. Look to get down to “The Ranch” and have a laugh, work on your skills and train hard for an hour. If you have a drill or something you wish to implement speak up. The more input the better. No request about a skill of baseball will be refused. Short sharp train hard and have fun. DJ Sarah will be in attendance once again. Let’s work on the positives and get around one another and enjoy this great game of baseball.
Team app news
     Team app is where you get your latest Ranger news about Line Drive and statistics. Download the app for android and apple from their respective stores. If you are player, post your unavailability so the coaches know what is going on. The more information the better. Search for Wangaratta Rangers and join. Spread the word and enjoy.
Now for the Club News-
  • This week both teams are up at Porepunkah.
  • U16 Winter championships July 8 and 9 Tagoora Park Wangaratta.
  • Ranger Ramble October 2017.
  • Merchandise is available. Grab a beanie for $25.
  • Subs are due see Jenko for details.
  • Training 6pm Thursday.
  • Checkout teamapp Wangaratta Rangers and follow us on Twitter. We can also be found on Facebook,.
Short and sharp this week. To all you readers out ther, like, share and spread the good word about the Wangaratta Rangers Baseball Club. Stay warm this week as it is quite chilly in the North East….. and,
Go Rangers.

Rounding Third by Line Drive June 18 2017

Welcome to this weeks edition of Rounding Third. The winter championships have been run and won down in Geelong. From all accounts it was a very successful weekend with the North Eastern Baseball Association taking out the Division 2 title for the first time since 2006. Congratulations goes out to the twelve men who put their hand up to play over the three day event. A big mention also to all the supporters of the team who made it down to watch, help out and keep me, Line Drive, informed of what was happening on and off the diamond. He was very impressed with what he saw and made sure that it was shared as much as possible.
  This week, a sunny Sunday welcomed all players at Benalla. Rangers Black were too good for Benalla, while Rangers Orange put up a good fight against Porepunkah. However were not quite good enough to get the chocolates, going down 11-6. Both games were played hard and fair by all. Some rather amusing moments were witnessed by the traveling Rangers faithful and plenty were happy to have their say about it all too. What else is news?
The Big Moose
     Bryan Wilson is certainly having a season out. After taking on many of the pitchers of the North East and dispatching them to all parts of the outfield, he took his hot form down to Geelong and continued on his smashing way. Scribe at the ground Jamie “The Guvnnor” Samuels let Line Drive know that nearly everything Moose hit was hit hard. In the first game versus City, Moose hit a shot over left field to get North East to all square at 4 all. However he left his best for the last game in division 2 final vs Latrobe Valley. Moose’s second long ball of the tournament carried North East to their first title in 11 years. For his heroics he was awarded the final Most Valuable Player award. Congrats to Moose and to all who played over the Queens Birthday long weekend in Geelong.
Running demons strike again
     One thing those who play for Rangers have struggled with from time to time is how to run bases. You would think many who have played plenty of baseball would have this part of the game down pat. Let’s just say no. In the Benalla vs Rangers Black game meandering along quite nicely for the Rangers Black, Sean “Flashback” O’Neil, thought he would change all that. O’Neil had reached base  where Nathan “FOMO” Pool hit a routine fly ball to the outfield which was caught. For some reason O’Neil decided not to head back to first but took off for second. Ball was thrown to first and the innings was ended. Pool was not impressed as it cost him gold coins for the fines tin. He made sure he told O’Neil all about it as they walked out on the diamond. But then it just got stranger.
What the Hell Shaun?
     As the next inning began Pool was still roasting O’Neil about the previous play. Even centre fielder Scott “highsocksunday” Jenkins gave his two cents worth about flashbacks problems. Pool throws the ball and O’Neil makes his second error of the day. The boys continued to laugh at his misfortune. A hit or two and another error at second by O’neil had put Bandit runners on. How wold you get out of a jam like this? Maybe a couple of catches and a strike out? A double play and another out. First baseman Cam “The Soak” Scott had called to O’Neil that the ball was coming his way. He was hoping it wouldn’t. Pool was ready to have another crack at him but went back on the mound and threw one of hid wobblers. The Benalla hitter looked with glee at a ball he though he could handle. He swung hard and hit it straight to Scott at first base, who duly took the catch, turned stepped on first for the second out and threw the ball to second, where Tetsu “Ironchef” Kamiyama took it with glee for the very rare TRIPLE PLAY!. All walked off having a laugh with O’Neil looking very relieved, noting “If I hadn’t made those errors we could not have done that!” Nice to see the glass is half full Shaun.
Just like chooks and corn
     After the early game on the weekend a few of the boys lost a two dollar coin. Rob “Butts” Seymour remarked to another if you throw a two dollar coin down watch them clamber for it. Cam Scott liked this idea and found a two dollar coin in his bag and threw it into the grass. On cue fines master Dan “Griff” Griffin scratched away with others to look for the coin. Now who can name the rest in the image below?
Who are these people?
Let’s play the shift.
     In the last innings of the early game versus Benalla Bandits, the coach sent the firepower to the mound. Tetsu “Ironchef” Kamiyama was summoned and as usual threw his variety of pitches. many of the balls were hit to the left side of the diamond  so the infield decided to put the shift on. Alex “Gus” Gouveia at third on the line, Nathan Pool filling the hole while Kyle Gilmore across over the other side of second. Now for this to work Tetsu needs to throw an inside pitch. Tetsu looks around knows where his field is. He throws his pitch outside so the Benalla Batter hits it with glee through the hole left at second base due to the shift. Benalla 1 Shift 0.
Big wraps on Robbo
     The peanut gallery was also discussing while watching Orange batting practice before their game, how they reckon Andrew “Robbo” Robinson is ready to go large. His cuts in practice were hit hard and far. Kyle “Thrillmore” Gilmore definitely thinks he ready to explode! This scribe is in agreeance with him as his swing is fluent and with more games he plays, the better he will get. Keep working hard on Thursday nights Robbo
RPG unlucky
     Robyn “RPG” Goulding was most unlucky in swinging the bat. In the third innings RPG had smacked a nice hit over shortstop but was robbed when the Poerpunkah outfield had sneakily come in. This lead to the peanut section of the Rangers crowd letting him know all about it. He did then move right over to the line for the next hitter. Ian “Dino” Dinsdale hit the ball almost exactly to the same spot and it was a base hit. Unlucky RPG.
Power to the ladies
     It was great to see a middle infield in the Rangers Orange lineup made up of the aforementioned RPG and “The Gaffer” Jamie Samuels. In the years of watching baseball in the North East this scribe cannot think of the last time this has occurred for the Wangaratta Rangers. Happy to be proved wrong on this one.
Jonker’s game
     Early on in the match against Porepunkah it was like Jonker vs Porepunkah. Now as you all well know he is one competitive beast. However over the first three innings Jonker had seven of nine plays off his own pitching. The booked read 1-3,1-3,1-3. Even at one point he thought of running over there himself and taking the play. Way to take the game on your Double J!
     A big congratulations from all at Wangaratta Rangers to Sheridan and Jackson on the safe arrival of Oliver Coddey Wright. Hope all is going well and see you soon at the Ranch.
Welcome Back
     The welcome backs just keep coming down at the Ranch. this week saw the return of Daniel Sacco to the colours of the Wangaratta Rangers. He looked eager to impress and threw a runner out at third and took a blinder of a catch late in the game against Porepunkah. He did three innings of work on the mound too. Nice to have you back and firing Sacco!
Tip and fill
     The tip and fill has returned after a long hiatus. Thanks to the good folk at Londrigan meats for the glasses for the best players of the week. So if you win it tap a fellow team mate on the shoulder and they are to fill it for you. Maybe not ask Shaun O’Neil this week after his wallet is empty after paying all his fines from Sunday’s game!
Game Changer is back
     Yes it’s back. Over the weekend the statistician mole Line Drive has been hard at work catching up on all the hits and misses of the North Eastern baseball Association season so far. The Orange batting stats are all almost done. It was some interesting reading for Orange men and women. Now if you are a player, head over the teamapp and check out the documents tab and have a look. For those of you who play in Rangers Black, this is still a work in progress. Line Drive will get to when he has a look at the score books again. It is a game changer!
Training this week
     This coming week. DJ Sarah Iwanuch is in the kitchen and look for it to be awesome as usual. Not completely sure what DJ Sarah is going to cook, but be prepared for lots of flavour. If you are keen for a meal bring $10 down and leave a comment online when the link become available. The last few weeks numbers have been impressive and everyone is loving getting down to the Ranch on a Thursday night. 6pm Thursday night. All are welcomed.
Lucky Ticket season
     Yes it is on again. On Saturday July 22, the Wangaratta Rangers Lucky Ticket Draw is on again. Tickets are $25 and available from club members. Tickets are limited so if you want one get in contact with one of the many friendly rangers players and officials.
Now for the club stuff
  • Training Thursday 6pm sharp
  • Beanies $25 see Jenko for details
  • Glove bags $5 See Spinner for details
  • Caps See Butts for details
  • Lucky ticket draw July 22nd, pencil it in for a cracking night. $25 a ticket… now available!
  • Fees are now due. See Jenko for details
  • Ranger Ramble 2017 October not to be missed
Thanks to all for the feedback. Hope you have a great week and till next time
Go Rangers

Rounding Third By Line Drive June 6th 2017

Hello once again and welcome to another insight into the the personalities and inner workings of the Wangaratta Rangers Baseball Club. Over the past couple of weeks it has been very entertaining down at the Ranch. Last week Rangers Orange played host Rangers Black or could we say Rangers Cods edition. The weather was average and the Rangers Cods got over the line. This week saw both teams head back up the Hume to start the second half of the season. Rangers Orange played a very positive brand of baseball against Wodonga Warriors White. However they were unable to get the points with Warriors hitting the ball hard all day to secure a 12-6 win over 7 innings. In the late game a few forced changes with unavailability and illnesses, Rangers Black bats got the job done early and were never headed against Warriors Maroon. Once again there was a good turnout for the juniors and a big thank you to those from both Wangaratta and Wodonga for participating between games. A week off next week with the Victorian Winter Baseball Championships being played down in Geelong. Good luck to all who have put their hand up to go and represent the good folk of North Eastern Baseball Association. Now onto what has been happening around the club.
End of an era.
     Many a boy band have parted ways in the past few years. One Direction is one that almost certainly comes to every readers mind. However one of Wangaratta’s finest bands “Nambrok” might be relocating within the confines of Wanagaratta. Band leader Kelsey “Dropsy” Burder is thinking of relocating. This means the band will have to change names. However membership has been pretty solid and only last week the core memberes were seen around town playing backyard golf and creatively carrying some couches to the tip. The name may change but the good times will always be the same.
Check those bats
     Is it just me or does there seem to be more long balls this year? Home runs aplenty have been crushed in the past couple of weeks. Now officially Rangers have the new smash brothers. Bryan “Moose” Wilson and Scott “The Beard” Jenkins. These two have been lighting it up with the long ball during the first half of the season. Moose with sheer power while Jenko has been working hard and now is reaping the benefits of his refined swing. There have been four blasts that have gone the distance while a couple of others have just fallen short of the fence. The bash borthers have ut their hands up to represent the North East next weekend. let’s hope they can continue to hit the ball hard and far!
Welcome back Number 7
     Welcome back to Angus “The Original Spaniard” Young who pulled on the Rangers colours for the first time in 18 months. Or as Nathan Pool like to call him Alex. You see there has been plenty of banter over the past month about recruit Alex Gouveia having more than a little bit of resemblance to Gus. Now many are wondering if they are the same person? Always seen Gus on his own and Alex but never seen them in the same place at the same time. On the playing side of things Gus picked up a hit and had a nice simple day in the field. Good to have you back Gus.
Rangers Merchandise. The best in the North East!
     New merchandise has arrived and already it has created a bit of a stir around the traps. The Wangaratta Rangers beanies are the fashion accessory of the winter. In the good old tangerine black and white, they look especially fashionable with what everyone wants on top. A brown and orange pom-pom. Already many have commented on how great they look and where can they get one from? At $25 a beanie stocks will not last. Get in quick and come be fashionable with the most fashionable baseball club in the north east!
For $24.99 one of these could be yours
Thursday night dinner
     These have been a big hit this year. Last week once again numbers on the track were sensational and then many of them sat down to pizzas and a chat. This week there could a special appearance by Daniel “The Trip” Griffin. Now last time Griff cooked everyone raved about his kitchen abilities. Now this scribe believes this Thursday he is back for a return cook. This is one meal that is definitely not to be missed. If you want a feed let the club know on team app or on Facebook page to partake in what will once again be a great meal.
The Karma Bus
     How about this for karma. Nathan “Rubberarm” Pool was having a good chuckle about Cam “The Soak” Scott’s misfortune of succumbing to a condition as what he described as an old man’s disease. However a couple days later Pooly was not feeling the best and could not talk. This led to The Soak messaging Pooly with a two word text “sucked in!”.
Welcome lefty
     Last week a lefty wandered across the paddock and wanted to have a throw. He then put his hand up to throw a bullpen and threw very well too. A big Ranger Welcome to Simon “Lefty” O’Neil. He played very solid right field took a catch and threw everything in hard and flat. Hope you enjoy the rest of the season Simon.
Pitchers wanted
     If anyone is interested in eating up a few innings on the mound please ask the gurus of Rangers pitching Nathan Pool and Aaron “Hunter” Parker. They are more than happy to lend their expertise and know-how to help you with the tough job of throwing a ball over the plate. Last week saw the promising debut of Andrew “Robbo” Robinson on the mound who put in a very encouraging display. Maybe soon Simon “lefty” O’Neil will get his turn for a throw. The more innings you throw the better you get at it! (unless you are Dropsy!)
Footy Capers
     Rob “Butt’s” Seymour took to Etihad Stadium before the Carlton vs North Melbourne a couple of Sunday’s ago. He started the game on fire picking up a couple of quick possessions earning the praise of his Carlton coaches. Later int he game he wanted to come off for a rest but that was not an option. Stay on was the instruction and all benches to be on the field too. Butt’s being well… Butt’s doubled back looped around and got his rest he wanted on the bench with the coaches being completely unaware to his sneaky ways. If you get a chance check out his action shot. Butts does show a little resemblance to a channel 9 journalist we shall not name in this edition.  You the reader can work that one out!
Baseball Victoria Winter Championships 2017
     The long weekend tradition that is the Winter Baseball Championships is on again over the Queens Birthday in Geelong. This year’s squad is a very nice blend of grizzled veterans and young bucks wanting to test their mettle and have a cracking good time against the other winter associations from across Victoria. Line Drive hears there could be a good crew of guys and girls going to tailgate the weekend. A couple of them could be “Wacko” Jacko Wright and Jamie “The Gaffer” Samuels. Enjoy the weekend have a laugh, support the clubs who put on a good show for all and watch the North East represent as they always do! For the rest of North Eastern Baseball Association enjoy your long weekend whatever you are choosing to do. Be safe.
Shout outs to Rangers near and far
     A special shout out goes to Sean “The Doc” Warfe who is keeping his keen baseball eye over what is going on down at the Ranch in season 2017. He has been a keen contributor to the Rangers Facebook page amongst other things. We all look forward to seeing you back in the future Doc. On another note it is good to see that this little insight is being read across the globe in Canada and in the United States. Thanks Chopper and Dylan.
Now for the club stuff
  • Training Thursday 6pm sharp
  • Committee meeting this Thursday after Griffins Gnoccchi 7:30pm Comment on dinner if you wish to have some on Facebook
  • Beanies $25 see Jenko for details
  • Glove bags $5 See Spinner for details
  • Caps See Butts for details
  • Victorian Winter Baseball Championships June 10-12 Geelong
  • Lucky ticket draw July 22nd pencil it in for a cracking night
  • Fees are now due. See Jenko for details
  • Ranger Ramble 2017 October not to be missed
Anyhow that’s enough for this week. Till next time
Go Rangers

Rounding Third By Line Drive May 22nd 2017

Hello and welcome to this weeks edition of Rounding Third, your regular insight into the happenings at the Wangaratta Rangers Baseball Club. Rounds five and six of the North Eastern baseball Association are done and dusted. All games for Round 5 were played in Wangaratta. For The Wangaratta Rangers it was a tough weekend. In the early game, the ladies and gentlemen who are Rangers Orange had a tough time of it against a dominant bears Green out fit. There were plenty of positives out of the game and as they gain experience then the results will turn in their favour. Keep working hard and the results will come. In the other game, Rangers Black managed to outlast a very dogged Bears Gold 14-10.
In Round six played at Wodonga, Rangers Orange turned things round and earned their first win of the season over Warriors Maroon while Rangers Black continued on their way by posting a solid 13-0 shut out win over Warriors White. Once again thank you to Wodonga for their hospitality. So what else is news?
Orange win
    Dylan Cowan could not believe Orange had not won a game yet. That all changed in round 6 of North Eastern Baseball Association matches at Wodonga. The Orange boys and girls season is now officially up and running. Pitchers Jason “The Game” Jonker and Brendon “Are you speaking” French have pitched their guts out so far this year but to no avail. However the wheel is slowly turning. It must have had something to do with the addition of Mick “The Skipper” Wyatt. Just saying, The skip is a very positive influence no matter where he turns up. Let’s see how they go in the derby game this coming Sunday against Rangers Black.
How to hit a long ball
Somebody check the bats. Somebody else check the baseballs. The poor pitchers of the North East are in need of some counselling. The past round saw plenty of home runs deposited over both diamonds. In one game alone Line Drive watched Bryan “Moose” Wilson almost put a dent in a ball. The sound it made off the wood bat made a lovely note. Not to be out done, birthday boy Scott “29” Jenkins stuck one over the left field fence too. Now who else put one out?
Butts the bomber.
Ahh yes man of many caps Rob Seymour hit one too. However it was in rather odd circumstances. You see the Bears gold centre fielder made incredible ground to even get near it…but due to the speed and simple physics the ball came free and landed over the fence on the full. Butts sprinted round the bases for a home run. No matter how they get over the fence they are still ruled as one Butts.
Who is Gus
  As mentioned last week, Alex ‘I’m not Gus’ Gouviera is thought by  few to look a little like Ranger favourite Angus “Spaniard” Young. Nathan “Rubberarm” Pool has taken this to the next level by continually referring to Alex as Gus during warm-up. Poor Alex is now thinking he has been setup. “This Gus guy is a not a good guy” was along the lines of Alex’s reply. Couldn’t be further from the truth about our little Gus. Very very far from the truth!
Thursday night silver service
     Well not quite silver service but Rob Seymour and Cam Scott’s hot dogs took the Thursday night service to the next level. All were dished up and the hungry masses were fed adequately. This coming week. Chef Nathan “Rubberarm” Pool will be dishing up baked potatoes for dinner. All the staples will be with it, sour cream, cheese what else chef Pool? Already there seems to be a long line for the baked spuds. Come down have a run and throw clean up and eat some good food. Price may be varies between $6 to $8 and that includes your first drink too. 6pm onwards Targoora Park. All welcome.
Thursday night training
Thursday night working hard 
Let’s go for a slide.
     An inside man has fed Line Drive with some information about the sliding abilities of a couple of new comers to Wangaratta Rangers. New “Gus”,  Alex Gouviera, likes to start his slide at least six metres from the base and still slides in with relative ease. Catcher Brent Miller is showing his true catcher legs. In Oranges win over Wodonga Miller showed his gazelle like abilities and snow plowed into the base. For the record he was safe. It does not matter how you get there, as long as you make it. Nice one Miller, nice one!
The Lolly game is strong.
     Azza Parker is a man of many talents. From his stories of going down the river amongst other things, his lolly game is very strong. Every week, Ranger favorite Di Parker keeps the boys stocked up on sugary goodness. Last year was good assortment of snakes and  chews…this year, the box has gotten bigger and the range is incredible. It is greatly appreciated by all who partake in some sugary energy  while warming the bench in the club. Thanks Di.
DJ Sarah in da house
     This week DJ Sarah has returned. The DJ has been setting up a spotify list to play at training. This comes after Cam “The Soak” Scott returned to training last week to be greeted with silence. The music is also to lift the moods and spirits of players. Not to mention to dry and drown out The Soak’s annoying loud voice. If you have seen on Facebook DJ Sarah is calling for requests. Baseballers you know you’ve got to have the staples like ‘Centrefield’ ‘Glory Days’, by the Boss, “Tessie” by the Dropkick Murphy’s, just  to name a few. Have your say and get your music added. Get involved and have some fun Ranger boys and girls. Great work DJ Sarah!
Happy Trails Jack Bradburn
     During the week Jack “The Bomber” Bradburn decided to hang up his mit. From all of us down at the Ranch we wish Jack all the best in his future endeavors and hope to see him and the Bradburn clan around the club in the future.
Rangers the Family Baseball Club of the North East
     This Sunday sees the first Ranger Orange vs Black down at the Ranch. This one is sure to be another shoot out with both teams looking for bragging rights over one another. Rangers Orange season turned the corner last week when they put it together and came out all guns blazing. While Rangers Black have not been at their best over the past few weeks, but have got the job done. Host Tony “Spinner” Smith is putting on wine and cheese and other assortments for the Ranger faithful. After the game all are welcome to head back to major sponsor Cafe Martini for pizzas and food. Come along, have a look and have a great Sunday.
The tin you put your fines in
     Remember to pay your fines to the tin. For those who are unaware of the tin, it’s for those little mistakes and misdemeanors that happen on and off the diamond. This week for the derby, Line Drive has heard a rumor that it may be double the cost. Dan “The Griff” Griffin is ready to charge you for even the smallest things, like leaving your glove behind after training. Come to training Thursday to help iron out those little chinks in the armor.
NEBA Life membership James Rodgers
     On behalf of all at Wangaratta Rangers Baseball Club, a big congratulations to James Rodgers on receiving his life membership from the North Eastern Baseball Association. His work, not only for the Association but also the Porepunkah Panthers is greatly respected. A true gentlemen of the game.
Now for the club stuff
  • Fees are now due. See Scotty Jenkins for more information.
  • Dinner this week, Pooly’s spuds (what does that even mean??)
  • Merchandise is on the way beanies arriving next few weeks.
  • Family day Sunday 28th May.
  • Rep Baseball Geelong Queens birthday weekend. If you are interested let the club know.
  • Lucky ticket penciled in for 22nd July- always a cracking night!
  • See Cam for Punters Club details
  • Ranger Ramble 2017 to Bendigo. See Griff for more information.
  • Rangers Black vs Rangers Orange this Sunday from 1pm at Targoora Park
  • Download Teampp and find Wangaratta Rangers for all Ranger information, chat and fixtures.
  • Follow us on Twitter!!!
So that’s about it for this week.
Have a great week and speak to you all again soon….
Go Rangers!!!

Rounding Third By Line Drive May 10th 2017

Welcome to this week’s edition of Rounding Third, your insight into the life and times of the boys and girls who turn up week in and week out who represent the Wangaratta Rangers Baseball Club. It has been a while since Line Drive has been down at the club. He returned Sunday to watch Rangers Orange tackle Benalla Bandits followed by Rangers Black playing Porepunkah Panthers. In the early game, a new look Rangers Orange could not get the win against a well drilled Benalla. The final score was 8-1 the home sides way. In the late game Rangers Black hitters jumped out of the box and backed up some good pitching to run out winners after seven innings 18-2. More about these games later. Like last edition there are many tales to be told. So let’s get started.
Dropsy does it again
During the past month many of the Ranger men had a good time celebrating the marriage of Line Drives good mate, Cam “The Soak” Scott and Lauren “Mrs Soak” Grenfell. After the speeches had finished a natural hush had fallen over the crowd. Then smash! Kelsey “Dropsy” Burder shattered the silence by standing on his wine glass. This sent the rest of Nambrok along with two thirds of Loz and Cam’s wedding guests into hysterics and a good old Bronx cheer rung out across the venue. Daniel Griffin summed it up best to Line Drive…..”Ahhh Dropsy what a guy!”
Scotty MC
Scott Jenkins is a man of many talents. Apart from being the all round great guy he is, Scott is an excellent Master of Ceremonies. This was definitely the case at Cam and Lauren’s wedding up at Gapsted Wines. Scott rolled with it all and delivered as per the norm a very polished performance. If you wish to see Scott MC in action come along to the lucky ticket draw in July. More information about Lucky ticket draw in a future edition. Lauren especially appreciated Scott’s attention to her ‘itinerary’…. THANKS JENKO
Ranger faithful supporting the boys and girls at Benalla
Catchers…need we say more
If you know baseball, one of the hardest positions to fill is the catcher. Lucky for the Rangers Orange, Brent “Plugger” Miller has  arrived. Once the domain of Dropsy Burder, Plugger has parked himself behind the plate and is doing a great job handling the veteran staff of Jason “The Game” Jonker and Brendon “Freeze Frame” French. Welcome to the Ranch Plugger!
Hard game baseball with no training
     Returning to the line up this week after his marriage to Ranger fan Lauren Grenfell, Cam Scott looked very short of match fitness. In the first inning “The Soak” took an accidental knock to the face and his base running looked, well, lets be blunt…horrible. It looked like every 90 feet was more a thousand feet. His excuse? Too much cordial in the past month. He has sworn he will turn up to training this week ready to get some match fitness back for the rest of the season.
The emergence of a new Spaniard
     It was great to see a debut for Ranger Black over the weekend, Alex “Barcelona” Gouveia. For those who did not know Alex appeared at training a year or two ago but it was the wrong end of the season. However, over the past couple of weeks Alex has caught the baseball bug again. He debuted on the mound for Ranger Black against Poerpunkah Panthers and threw four solid innings of ball. This included a pick off move to first which surprised the runner and also the first baseman in Cam Scott. The runner was caught short of his base by a fair margin. Gouveia was backed up by the ever solid defense of Rangers Black and looked to throughly enjoy himself on the mound. When you see him you will notice he has a small resemblance to Ranger favorite Angus “Spaniard” Young.
Rangers wager 2017
Over the off season avid tacticians of the punt, Steve “Fernando” Peruzzo and Nathan “Rubberarm” Pool have had a crack and came out even. It was decided while at the Alexandra Races that punters club will get off the ground again in season 2017. Pooly has been particularly vocal for this to get off the ground. It must have something to do with his beloved Essendon Bombers actually being competitive and winning games this year. On another note one wonders if Dan “Chopper” McCullough was happy with messenger notifications at strange hours of the morning from others bantering about a multi that was placed. Anyhow if you want in part of the fun and to hopefully fund your end of season trip or cash out, see master bagman Cam Scott for more information. The more numbers the more we bet. The more we bet hopefully the more we win. Disclaimer: Gamble responsibly.
Jacko goes Whacko
     Over the weekend, new Ranger, Jacko Wright went whacko and had his best game yet for Rangers Black. He hit and ran the bases hard. As Jacko learns the game, his speed will be a great addition to the power hitters in the line up.  Look for him to leg out a few more infield singles over the course of the year. He is also a high sock convert which is pleasing to see too.
Team Samuels 
     As mentioned in the must read of each week President’s Prattle, Jamie Samuels has put her hand up to be Rangers Orange team Manager. Maybe a new nickname is in order to reflect Jamies new position. Jamie the Gaffer? Jamie the Governor? What ever guys and girls come up with they are rapt to have you part of the team.
Juniors 2017
     It was great to see over the weekend how the clubs of the North Eastern Baseball Association have banded together to help develop the future of baseball in the North East. Players from Benalla Porepunkah and Wangaratta respectively had a hit and a modified game between the senior matches. Let’s just say there is some serious talent in there. Let’s hope more boys and girls get involved in the upcoming junior games over the season.  For more information about juniors check out the Wangaratta Rangers on Facebook.
Lep 2017 (How Tetsu says it)
     There seems to be a lot of reference to 2017 in this edition. Must be the year or something. Anyhow time has come for those who wish to challenge themselves against the other winter associations from around the state. North Eastern Baseball association are calling for players to represent them in this year Winter Championships to be held in Geelong. If you are interested please let the club know so your name can be passed along. As always it is a great weekend with baseball and good times in order. For those who like to go and tailgate it is a very fun weekend and plenty of good baseball is played too. All are welcome.
Ranger Ramble 2017
     Yes it is early to talk about this as the season is only four games old but ever the organised Daniel “The Griff” Griffin has organised this years trip. The Rangers are getting back to traditional trip values and heading to Bendigo. The cost is extremely reasonable and payments are now being taken. Where the accommodation is a mystery and there could be a raceday involved too. If you want any more information see Griff. I am pretty sure he will not say much else apart form where to be and where the trip is going.
One very happy Canadian
     Head coach Bryan “Moose” Wilson was very chuffed last week. He was rapt to hear that last week at Ranger training eighteen were out on the track, warming up running, fielding and hitting the ball hard. Must have something to do with the Tony “Spinner” Smith’s amazing Thursday night meals. The word has spread near and far about Spin’s Kitchen and the public are responding by heading to training. This week, it looks like it could be an old fashioned sausage sizzle. Remember training starts at 6pm sharp. Cleats on and head for a run before a throw. See you all there.
Relax got to training!
Relax and go to training boys Thursday Nights from 6pm
Show me the Merch!!!
     Plenty going on in this department. Recently “Boston Rob” Seymour has organised new playing caps which look sensational while man of beard Scotty “MC” Jenkins has organised some very swish looking beanies. These will go on sale very soon. Don’t forget we have ranger shoe bags, stubby holders and a new playing shirt are also on the way. Once again The Wangaratta Rangers will be the trend setters of the North Eastern Baseball Association. If you would like some of this great looking merchandise let the club know and they can hook you up!
Now for the club stuff
Fees are due see Scotty Jenkins for payment.
All games are at Wangaratta this week Rangers Orange vs Bears Green while Black tackle Bears Gold
Family day 28th May at Tagoora Park Wangaratta.
Training Thursday night, boots on 6pm sharp
Punters Club on again see Cam for details
Lucky ticket draw in July more information to follow
Playing caps available from Rob Seymour $25
Beanies on the way
Download the app Search for Wangaratta Rangers on
Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Scott on your nuptials
Juniors welcome if you are interested contact the club.
Been a big edition till next time. Just remember……
Go Rangers!!!!

Rounding Third By Line Drive April 11 2017

Another week has passed and it’s time for another insight into what has been going on down at Targoora Park. Home of Wangaratta’s only baseball club. The Wangaratta Rangers. Over the past weekend the weather was a bit wild and woolly for baseball. But it was still played none-the-less. A good crowd turned out on Sunday to battle the wind and infrequent showers, followed by periods of sunshine but then more passing showers came back through. In the early game, a new look Orange lineup jumped out of the gates early and raced to five to nil lead over the Porepunkah Panthers. However, to Porepunkah’s credit, they  knuckled down and ground the Orange ladies and gentlemen into the ground, to end up running out winners 13-6. More about that game later on. In the late game, Wangaratta Rangers Black welcomed Benalla Bandits to the ranch. The Rangers hitters got on top early and combined with a solid pitching and defense behind Bryan “Moose” Wilson and Nathan “Rubberarm” Pool, recorded a ten to nil win. Benalla really brought it to the Rangers, and it was a good hard competitive game of baseball. All stuck around for a drink and a laugh after the days play. It was really great to see the camraderie between the clubs. The season is going into a two week hiatus now with Easter weekend, and with ANZAC day falling on a Tuesday the following week, many may take the chance to get away for an extended break. Or get married.
As Cam ‘The Soak’ Scott will do on April 22nd. Congrats to Cam and Loz on their upcoming nuptials. But fear not! Baseball and this correspondent will be back on deck in the following weeks. Now down to other Ranger musings.
Surprise Dino! Look who’s come to play!
     Nothing much seems to surprise the seeimingly unflappable Ian “Dino” Dinsdale at any time. However over the weekend he was very unaware that two of his daughters Leah and Lauren had been playing baseball over the summer for Essendon Baseball Club. All to get ready to have a season with their father at Wangaratta. As Master of ceremonies, Tony Spinner Smith was giving a speech, the ladies hid out behind the club room waiting for the right moment to come around the corner in Rangers uniforms. When the moment was right the girls appeared and a very unsuspecting Dino had a lovely surprise. Nice work ladies!  A special thank you to all who came down and was a part of this lovely occasion.
300 to French
     A big shout out and congratulations from all of us in the North Eastern Baseball community to Brendon French, who is the first Wangaratta Ranger to play 300 games for the club. When you think the club has been in it’s present form for less than 20 years, that is a lot of games played by the loyal club man. His 300th was spent behind the plate, and as usual he did a sterling job. And even after his first game, he wasn’t done for the day. Frenchy put his hand up to line umpire the Rangers Black vs Benalla game. Another moment for the French family as it was Damien “Damo” French’s first game in the orange and black. Another special moment for one of the clubs great servants. Congratulations French, and  Damo, from all of us at the Wangaratta Rangers Baseball Club.
Better call the RACV Tets.
     Word has it that Tetsu, “Yes Chef” Kamiyama, had a little bit of car trouble on the way home from Wodonga last week. Many other rangers heading home from the game witnessed Tetsu’s misfortune. Word had it that Tets typically took it all in stride and continued on in his own very unique way. As usual Rob “Butts” Seymour was there to help out Tets and help get him back home. Good on you Butts!
O’Neil has not lost it
     Shaun, “Flashback” O’Neil, has returned to baseball for the first time in many years. Already he has made an impact both on and off the diamond. In the first game of the year against Wodonga, my spies tell me that he hit and chased down everything thrown and hit at him. Over the weekend, against Benalla, this hot start to the season continued. Flashback hit nearly everything including a big home run that hit an air conditioning unit on of the buildings over at Cathedral College. Flashbacjk has even set the trend on fashion by modeling an old Saint Blue and gold silky baseball jacket. It would be great to see if any other old ball players and current members of Wangaratta have any old uniforms or jackets hiding away in their cupboards. Get them out show off the heritage of North Eastern Baseball Association. Line Drive’s good mate, Cam “The Soak” Scott, has already got out his old Tyabb Bulldogs jacket out. He is looking forward to showing it off at a later date. Maybe a heritage week of old jersey and uniforms could be put in place? Just a thought.

Chicks dig it
     Yeah that’s right, they dig playing baseball. It has been a great sight over the past couple of weeks, the number of ladies donning the Orange and Black of Wangaratta. As mentioned earlier, Leah and Lauren Dinsdale are playing the year with Dino but let’s not forget that the newest Nambrok member, Robyn “RPG” Percy-Goulding, has begun playing after being an avid supporter last year. Another lady has made a great impression too. Welcome to Jamie Samuels who has just fitted in seamlessly. Enjoy it ladies.
The Wright Stuff
     Another new player this year, Jackson “The Flash” Wright, is ready to make his mark on the North Eastern Baseball Association. He has already joined the High Sock Sunday squad as he likes the look of showing off the calves in the big high socks. He has the flash batting gloves and the bat to match. Watch for this kids speed on the bases, joining other known speedsters, as Azza “The Driver” Parker, and Shaun “Flashback” O’neil in tearing up the diamond. Exciting times ahead for Wangaratta Rangers.
Wyatt on the Hill
     The big Mick “Skipper” Wyatt, was like a kid in a toy shop over the weekend. He was excited to play baseball and was even ready for his turn on the mound. Mick got off to a ripping start getting a hit and then throwing out another returning player Steve Bryant who showed great sportsmanship to play for Porepunkah,  as they were a man down. When it came for the skipper to get on the hill and pitch for Rangers Orange, he stepped up and threw a fantastic three to four innings. He then made himself available if required for Rangers Black,  against Benalla. Once again another “A plus” effort from the man who will forever known as “The Skipper”.
The Prophet is all about the Cuts in the Cage 
     A little note came across this scribes social media accounts over the past week. Good friend of Line Drive, The Prophet, is running his eye over what is going on down at Ringwood Baseball Club. The Prophet’s first edition was an absolute cracker. There was a bit of name dropping which was very entertaining. The old Cod’s got a mention too. If you have not read it yet, check it out at It will be great to read the next installment.
Thursday Tea’s are here
     Chef, Tony “Spinner” Smith, will be hobbling around and cooking his famous savoury mince for dinner this Thursday night. The cost of the meal will be between $6 and $10 and you get a drink with that too. Come along, have a hit and a run around and get around your Ranger brothers and sisters. Stick around and learn to play some poker against Moose and all the other usual Ranger suspects. Have fun, share a laugh and ease yourself into a lovely Easter. An invite has been sent out on the team app so please accept it or reject there. If you do not have the app yet download it on-line and look for Wang Rangers. Team app has all your Wang Rangers news and events for season 2017.
Juniors 2017 
It has been great to hear on the radio this week about how North Eastern baseball Association are being proactive in the recruitment of juniors for the future. All clubs are working together so this year the association can send away an Under 12 team to the winter championships. Below is an excerpt from the Wangaratta Rangers website written by the President Tony Smith.
T-Ball and Under 12 Championship Training:
Under 12 training starts this Saturday 8th April from 3pm till 4.30pm at the grounds. Run by Kevin and some of the other players the aim is to get enough players to put in a representative side for the North East at the State Championships at Bendigo in late June. Kevin Pool is looking at players in the 8-11 years age brackets. A perfect opportunity for your youngster to get in to baseball and develop some skills and interest at an early age.
NEBA T-Ball Games: As an aside to the U12 training, NEBA are introducing T-Ball games to be held during the break between senior games on a Sunday. Due to start in Round 4, Sunday 7th May. The aim is to pool all available players to form sides to hold a proper
T-Ball Game. This is aimed at the 8 – 12 years bracket.
So if you know anyone who is interested please contact for more information.
Now for the club stuff
  • Fees are now due. See Scotty “The Big Show” Jenkins for more information
  • Thursday night Tea Spinner is the Chef. Get around it and cook too
  • Punters club is back. See the Soak for details
  • Happy Wedding Day Soak and Loz
  • Training 6pm Thursdays.
  • End of season trip date yet to be determined
  • Follow us on team app Wangaratta Rangers and on Twitter @WangRangers and
  • Frosty to return in the next couple of weeks
NEBA on a break
   Now games are scheduled for the next couple of weeks. Enjoy the time with your families and friends. Keep checking team app for updates and information in the meantime. Line Drive is off to watch the nuptials of Cam and Loz. Good luck to them..
Oh and Go Rangers