Rounding Third By Line Drive May 2023

Hello and welcome to another installment of Rounding Third.

Season 2023 is now underway with the first two rounds in the books. All clubs converged on Wangaratta over the past weekend with a real festival of baseball on the cards.

All up 18, games of baseball were held down at Targoora Park on Sunday, ranging from Under 12’s all the way through to Seniors A grade in the afternoon. It was a huge day on an off the diamond for all involved at Wangaratta.

Mixed results from Rangers.

Under 12’s – Rangers 9 defeated by Bears 21

Under 15’s – Rangers 15 defeated Bears 2

C grade- Rangers 6 defeated by Warriors 12

B Grade- Rangers Orange 4 defeated by Bears 24

Rangers Grey- 21 defeated Warriors 11

A Grade – Rangers 16 defeated Warriors 4

In all the years of writing Rounding Third, Line Drive cannot think that the results have ever been listed like above. It’s a real testament to the determination of the North Eastern Baseball Association and its member clubs, to grow the game and give more exposure and opportunity to play baseball in country Victoria.

More to come about that later.

So what have the humans of Rangers been up to lately?

O’Neil is slowly adjusting

Shaun O’Neil likes to stay out of the limelight, or so he says, but he just continues to bring great stories to Line Drive’s attention. After another great weekend in the cold of Ballarat, it has been suggested that “Old School” was so pumped to get back to the sun of Wangaratta that he left all his baseball gear behind in Ballarat.

After plenty of posts, messages and comments later, he was reunited with his gear before the start of play. On another matter, O’Neil was upset with his belt not fitting his pants. Until someone let him know that those belts were adjustable. Old School could not believe it! Many a year playing baseball and not once had he looked at the belt and thought to adjust it. Don’t change Shaun O’Neil. There would be so much less to write about!

Cods Masters Baseball Pufferfish 2023

After play finished on Sunday, The Cods gathered to present the Pufferfirsh award. The votes were counted and were read out by “The Big Cod,” Nathan Pool. In the end it came down to two individuals, and for highly contrasting reasons.

In one corner there was the master of the slow cooked meats Daniel Griffin. Griff definitely left a lasting impression on many team mates after training, for his meals of smoked and slow cooked goodness over the three days at Masters.In the other corner, Matt “Bulldog” Carmody, from all reports had a good time on and off the diamond while at Masters.

In the end, this was the main difference with Bulldog polling 32 votes to 17 to get the chocolates and the adulation from his fellow Cods. Bulldog is already looking to go back to back in 2024 and has thrown out the challenge to all as “I was only in second gear!”

Good luck for anyone who is looking to wrestle the trophy off Bulldog in 2024.

Ossie has one very hot Bat

A rather poor choice of words for a sub heading, but how else can you describe the start of the season Ossie Osbourne in Rangers grey has had?

Against Rangers Orange in week one, Ossie had three hits in their 16-10 win.

On Sunday he was at it again, racking up the hits against Wodonga Warriors. Keep throwing the bat in front of the ball Ossie. We all hope your hot form continues.

Heath likes the hot corner

Young Heath French got the nod to start in the A grade game at third base against Wodonga on Sunday. From balls hit down the line, to going out to get them, French was clean throughout. A highlight was his double play by stepping on third, and throwing a strike to Cam Scott at first. “Silver service” was heard over and over by Scott, with each play French was involved in. Nice work kid. It looked like you enjoyed that game!

JT in the house

It was great to see dancing man Johnno Taylor over at Wangaratta on Sunday, using his vast knowledge of the game to help out as third base coach with both B and A grade games. Taylor is unfortunately injured at the moment, but is still a valued part of the Wangaratta machine.

A few older heads loved his enthusiasm and his calling of plays throughout the day, picking up on little things that others might have missed.

Looking for more players

This year the North Eastern Baseball Association has introduced a C grade competition. This is open to young players who are making the intermediate step between junior and senior competition. Included in C grade are players learning the game of baseball, and those new to the sport.

Wangaratta Rangers are on the look out for anybody who has ever thought of giving baseball a go, but were not sure about how to go about it.

This is open to those who are 16 years old and above.

Game times are Sunday mornings from 10:10am to 11:40am. If interested, head down to Targoora Park Wednesday night from 5pm for juniors training and 6pm for seniors. Also, feel free to message the club via the Wangaratta Rangers Facebook page. Spread the word!

Podcasts, media shows but Line Drive is still here.

It has been great to watch and listen about all things North East Baseball over the past few weeks. From the Friday night Baseball Show, featuring the characters of the North Eastern Baseball Association to the weekly Rangers Podcast by one, Owen “The Big Table” Godenzi.

A special mention to Benalla Bandits and Porepunkah Panthers who have been working really hard to grow the sport in their own areas too. This was prevalent with the growth of the game as mentioned above with 18 games being played at Wangaratta. As a long time writer on baseball in the North East, it is pleasing to see all these other avenues of media being used to grow the game.

Now onto the club stuff

Please make sure your fees are paid as soon as possible

Lucky Ticket 29th July See the club for your Ticket

Training Juniors 5pm, Seniors 6pm Wednesday

Draw is available on Rangers Facebook page and

There was a lot to write about and there is a lot still to write about in the coming weeks. Till next time

Go Rangers.

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