Line Drive presents The Voodoo Diaries 6th November 2022

Hello and welcome to a very special edition of the Voodoo diaries!
This week, Line Drive has been asked to accompany the Voodoo Masters to the Pan Pacific Masters Games on the Gold Coast. Team Voodoo is blend of ball players from the North East and Latrobe Valley, competing in the 35yo plus division. On Saturday Voodoo had a win 11-1 while on Sunday, Voodoo got the win over Good Bunts 11-6.

Line Drive has been told “to go his hardest” about the goings on, the good, the bad and the downright humorous!

Airports, mouthing off and delays.
It was a bit of a rough start for some of the Voodoo boys. As everyone was arriving at the airport and having a catch up, Tommy Rynberk and Will Brooker wandered over to say hello. Just as this was happening, many of the group got a delayed flight notification. Tommy and Will gloated about those with the misfortune of the news as they were on a different flight. However, bad news was to greet these two travellers also. Barely in to the next sentence, they also got the news of a delay, of four hours! Their heads sank as they settled into their seats in terminal 4. All the rest were relieved to find out that their delay was a mere 20 minutes. Hours later, two extra weary travellers arrived on the Gold Coast looking rather sheepish. In this case it pays to say nothing!

Pratty’s Playbook of pearls.
An amazing amount of organisation has gone into creating the whole Voodoo experience. A piece of motivational gold has been Bradley ‘Pratty’ Pratts words of wisdom in the lead up to the Pan Pac Masters. Remember the classroom rules and expectations you use to get from your teacher at the start of a new school year? And the response?……Imagine how every school kid responds to those expectations (make you own assumptions here)

Drop me a pin.
New place? No idea where you are? There is a solution for you. Ask Davis Long and John Kus to drop a pin in your chat, to tell you where you need to be and then all is solved. Easy enough? Not for Voodoo. Many may think its a good idea but when it comes down to nuts and bolts, what does that even mean??? So many just smile and nod. The big takeaway from the ‘drop a pin’ is that Davis knows what is best everywhere he goes, and for all of Voodoo.

Welcome to Voodoo Boo.
There must be something about the diamond at Surfers Paradise Baseball Club. People get the stumbles quite regularly. On Saturday this was quite evident with a a variety of players falling over their own feet! One individual even having time to recover and catch the ball! Brendan “Boo” Simmons succumbed to the same problem on Sunday with one of the first plays against Good Bunts. Boo was able to pick up cleanly at short stop, but then his feet went no where and he just crumpled into a heap. Valiantly he tried to still make a play but to no avail, throwing the ball away. Now how many times has that ever happened Boo?

Bickering baseballers.
Masters baseball. It’s all about how much better you are than your next teammate. It is always one those things about any sport you play. When you watch it, you think you can do it better. Especially late on a Saturday evening after day one of a tournament. Quote of the conversation was, “When you think plans are in play and you get dragged”. Not making plans could be the best option.

Hornstra HUGE Weekend.
It has been a great start to the 2022 Pan Pacs for Luke Hornstra. A veteran of many a Latrobe Valley campaign, he was thrown the ball as the starting pitcher on Saturday. As usual, he didn’t miss a beat plying his trade over five masterful innings. On Sunday he turned his hand to swinging the bat. Just like Saturday, all fell into place for him. A double and then a home run. He even surprised himself as the ball carried out over the fence. In his words on describing the home run, “It got high enough to get into the jet stream and the wind did the rest.”

Ranger Rambler Experience.
The Wangaratta Ranger support crew headed up on Friday and your usual suspects, Kelsey, Brad, Gilly, Lauren and Leah were all back in attendance, and also, a special appearance from Daniel ‘Chopper’ McCullogh!
It’s so good to have some of the Ranger crew here with us, they are some of the best supporters, and always know how to have a good time!

Voodoo Stat’s that don’t matter that exist

it has been established that both starting pitchers have both been designated hitters and both Jude Power and Luke Hornstra have hit home runs. First time in the history of Voodoo baseball. No.pressure Davis Long.

Now to Voodoo stuff.

Like and follow the adventures throughout the week on Pan pacs baseball page. You might even get a sighting of Line Drive. Till next time

Go Voodoo

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