Rounding Third by Line Drive March 2023

Hello and Welcome to the first edition of Rounding Third for season 2023. Season 2023 is rapidly approaching, the club and the rest of the North Eastern Baseball Association have been working hard to recruit new players to the great sport of baseball.
At Wangaratta, this has been no different. The club has just concluded a four week junior baseball program with around forty kids participating every Tuesday night, learning the drills and skills under the keen eyes of Rangers seniors. Some made a return from last season, and some tried it for the first time. A big shout out to Owen Godenzi and his many helpers in running such an inclusive, varied, and enjoyable program. From all accounts, it was a smashing hit.
Now, into season 2023, we go. But first, there is a little bit to bring you up to date with. Line Drive will get on with it.

Rangers have a podcast!
Yes you heard it right. Wangaratta has delved into the realm of podcasting. It’s short, sharp, and breezy. It will be the got to spot for all Rangers news for the forthcoming season. President Nathan Pool has called it the “Owie Games”
Find the link on Rangers Facebook page or listen on where you get all your good podcasts from.

Cods are here for another year!
Line Drive says it every year, but Cod season has been declared open. The school of Cods will be rolling down the Hume to test their baseball mettle against the rest of Victoria and, of course, Tasmania! In an ever expanding completion; which just proves how popular master sport is, the Cods will have a few fresh faces in the under 35s. And not to mention the usual suspects which make up the Cods collective.
In other Cod related news, the boys will be dressed beautifully in some new merchandise for 2023. Cods have just acquired some new warm-up jackets and will definitely look the part for Vic Masters in Ballarat. If you have not ordered or paid yet, be sure to message the Big Cod to get yours!

Burder gets his chance.
After years of tailgating Cods and even being team manager one year, Rangers stalwart and leader Kelsey “Dropsey” Burder has earned the right to play with th le Cods. Well…..the right is, he is now old enough! Burder has been seen down the cage getting cuts in. He will be well ready for late March after a preseason trip to Japan with perenial tailgater Brad “Undies” Murdoch. The perfect warm up Burder needs to function at his optimal level. On a side note, one has a feeling Kyle Gilmore may be playing too!

Rooms and grounds look the goods.
As ever, there has been a bit going on down at Targoora Park over the summertime. From a bit of softball to the past 4 weeks of come and try sessions, other projects are well underway. The rooms and anemities have been getting a little spruce up with tiling being done in areas which really needed it. The ground itself is looking in very good condition as well. Just remember, if you got a little spare time, drop by and help out. Every little bit helps.

The biggest Masters carnival yet!
A big shout out to all the organisers, umpires, and volunteers for the upcoming Vic Masters baseball tournament in Ballarat.
This year, with the addition of a women’s competition. A friend of Line Drive messaged him asking if he would be in attendance in 2023 as they have not seen each other in quite some time. Unfortunately (or fortunately for some), Line Drive will not be there, as many have seen that he and his editor in chief are out of the country!
To all attending, have a great time sharing stories with friends and playing baseball. Stay hydrated! Line Drive is looking forward to hearing who will be annointed the best Cod in 2023.

Well, a different sign off this time as I’m off to get a pint of Guinness and sit in front of the fire

Until next time
Go Cods

And Go Rangers

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