Rounding Third By Line Drive Masters Preview Edition 2018

Hello and welcome to another edition of Rounding Third. Cods are on everyones minds around here in the North Eastern Baseball Association. So much so that the season is continuing to sneak up upon the clubs. At this moment the word is that  seasons start will be just after Easter. The draw is under construction and the guys and girls of Wangaratta are into honing their skills before opening day. More about that later. Let’s get down to the business at hand that is Cods Baseball.
Cods looking forward to a big weekend in Ballarat.
    The weekend is nearly here. The Murray Cods are off to the Victorian Masters Baseball Champinships this coming weekend. For the frist time in their four year history, The Cods will be entering two teams. As usual in the 35 plus division to be coached by Kelsey “Dropsy’ Burder and for the first time, 45 plus Cods under the watchful eye of Rob “Beaker” Barbour. The 45 plus men have the early game at 8:30am on Friday against Cheltenham. This could a be a real test for some, but the seasoned professionals they are, will give it their all in their first outing. Right after that they tackle Pandas at 10:15am. On Saturday and Sunday it gets easier for the older Cods with one game each day against Bendigo and Sloths respectively.
    The 35 plus Cods  have a mid afternoon game on Friday at 2:45pm against Doncaster. Saturday sees them play old foes and damn good guys, the Tassie Tigers. They then shape up against some more old friends from days gone by; the Redsox from the Latrobe Valley. On Sunday to round out the four games the boys face off against the Rebels. Good luck to all teams, umpires and host clubs in Ballarat for what will be another cracking celebration of Victorian Masters Baseball.
Seymour: A man for all seasons.
    Now my spies have been out and about and have seen Rob “Butts” Seymour enjoying the off season. In the past Butts has played footy, destroyed a club Line Drive is associated with in a C grade cricket final, drives very fast cars around a track and now has guided Myrrhee tennis Club to the final of N.E.R.T.A. (short for ‘North-East Regional Tennis Association’). However being the Cod Butts is, he has forgone his chance of tennis glory to venture down to Ballarat for the 45 plus team. Another Ranger favourite and master of the tin, Daniel “Clarence” Griffin will be leading the Myrrhee charge to tennis glory. All the best for the finals this weekend Clarence.
Butts tennis time
photo courtesy of Daniel Griffin
No Dino? or maybe a little bit of Dino?
    One Cod who could be missing this weekend is Ian “Dino” Dinsdale. His beloved Rovers Bruck United Cricket Club are playing off in the C grade final in the Wangaratta and District Cricket Association this Saturday. Now in the past, players such as former Puffer fish award winner, Heath “MTB” Anders played both, but knowing the role Dino plays in the team it is unlikely. However who knows, he may play the double header on the Friday?? If not all the best to Dino and his side in this weeks final.
How many Cameron’s does one team need?
    Three is the answer. Especially in the Cods 35 plus squad where one fifth of the team name is Cameron.. We have the spice master, Cam “Showtime” Rogers, who will be looking to have another consistent weekend with the bat and glove. Then we have the man who lives his life as “The Soak” Cam Scott. The Soak will be sampling the many establishments in Ballarat, not to mention speaking utter rubbish at every chance he gets on and off the field. The third Cameron to be gracing the diamond will be a solid catcher with a trusty bat, a stalwart of the game in Shepparton, Cam “Newbie” Stewart. Now it’s been a few years since Cam has had a swing but look for him to lead the trio of Cams in all departments on the field. Sorry Showtime and The Soak…. Just saying.
Ballarat’s time to shine
    Last year the Cods boys got caught out after a game by the Ballarat weather. Not the cold or the wind or the rain in this case. Sun burn was the culprit. Looking at the weather forecast for the coming weekend sun burn could be an issue once again. Now this is just a friendly reminder to our white collar players who need to make sure they slip slop slap and seek shade with the sunny warm weather greeting all players. Hope you read this Jason “Sunscreen” Jonker.
The Porepunkah Posse
    Once again a big part of the Cod family are the Porepunkah Panthers. When this venture was started in 2014 they were the first too get involved and used their contacts at Ringwood Saints Baseball Club in the recruitment of ‘Showtime” Rogers, Mark “Scooter” Farrow and Steve “Maggsy” Maggs. This year the men of the valley have increased their presence once again. The Panthers have added Paul Meddings, Rian Banks, suiting up for their debuts with Cods, while Heath “MTB” Anders returns after an injury layoff last year. For the first time in a couple of years the godfather of Panther baseball and North Eastern Baseball Association legend James Rogers is back in Cods colours. Once again Panther royalty Damon “Barks” Barker and and Shane “Tatts” Tatterson round out the contingent. Line Drive says this every year but, welcome aboard. If anyone is interested in giving baseball a try up in areas like Bright, Myrtleford, Mt Beauty, get in contact with the good folk at Porepunkah. They are more than happy to have you on board.
The Pufferfish Award
    The presitigous Pufferfish award is back for this years competition. There is a motley crue of contenders for the silver or gold versions of the award. As mentioned in past editions Heath Anders is looking to win the award for a second time while last years recipient Ash “real men pitch day four” Meyers is determined to go back to back. Perennial finalists Nathan “FOMO” Pool will not miss much and will look to take his game to the next level, while Rob “Beaker” Barbour will hope he has better luck with blankets this year. Others to watch out for are smokies like Shane “Boundary Rider” Cantelmi, who goes into his first Cods fresh and prepared, while Ranger legends Travis “Iceman” Frost and “The Pres” Tony Spinner Smith will look to put their stamp on the trophy and let their baseball do the talking. Voting will be each day and players will have the chance to vote for who they want to win.  Three, two and one votes. Question is; Will it be a silver or Gold Pufferfish in 2018? Good luck to all Cods competing.
Time to tame the Tigers
    Chris “Chalky” Chalker has shown some good form going into the 2018 championships. His Banjo’s Orioles have had a successful season in the Hobart Summer Baseball League. Even some Cods went for a look too. Now he looks to celebrate in true Tasmania style by trying to beat The Cods in Ballarat. Maybe this year will be his year, or not?  One thing is for sure,  it will be one fun afternoon of baseball between two very competitive sides. Being a Cod supporter let’s hope The Cods get over the line in a tight one 5-4. Whatever the result there will be plenty of laughs and banter on and off the diamond.
Ranger Stuff
    There will be plenty more over the weekend keeping all you avid readers of Rounding Third up-to-date with the results and antics of the best from the North East of the state. However, the club is still ticking over nicely and have got some grand plans in the pipeline for the diamond and for the rooms. Both of these ideas will improve the facilities down at Targoora Park and make an even better place to come and watch baseball. If you are interested in playing, training is currently on Wednesday nights for another three weeks following T-ball. Players of all ages and abilities are more than welcome to come down and have a throw and a hit. If you’re not sure, come down have a look and talk to one of the friendly guys and girls around the club. If you’d like to know more contact the club through and click on the contact tab.
Other Ranger News
  • Insurance for season 2018 is now able to be paid through the members login on the website and on teamapp. This needs to be paid before the first game on the 8th of April. Create a new account and password and pay once you are in.
  • New warm up shirts are almost here. Will be available soon for purchase. Spinner has your sizes.
  • Any fundraising ideas see Kelsey Burder. He will consider all requests.
  • Season looks to begin 8th April. Draw being finalised and released soon.
  • Thanks to all our sponsors. Click on the sponsor tab on the website to check them out. Alternatively download teamapp and search Wangaratta Rangers
  • Follow us on twitter @wangrangers and like us on Facebook
Well that’s it for the Masters preview edition. Look out for updates on over the coming weekend.
Thanks for reading
Go Rangers
Codsters Hook Line and Sinker

Rounding Third By Line Drive Summer 2018 edition

Hello and welcome to the summer edition of Rounding Third. It has been a busy spring and summer down at the Ranch with the new infield and drainage settling in and looking a treat. Line Drive has certainly been enjoying himself soaking in all the different places he has had the pleasure of frequenting. So it is a bit of a blessing that he has taken some time out of his busy summer schedule to sit down and let you know what is happening down at Wangaratta’s one and only baseball club. Hope you enjoy the read.
Diamond upgrade summer update
    Well the turf is down and the grass has been growing like crazy. The legend Kevin Pool and “The Pres” Tony “Spinner” Smith have been doing a sterling job mowing and watering the infield. There were some really wet days in late November/early December and the ground drained beautifully. Now the grass is beginning to spread and will probably just need a light top dressing to even it out in places. From what it was, to what it is now is remarkable. Another new edition to the space down at Targoora Park are some concrete bollard tables out the front of the clubroom. Already, it gives a much more welcoming feel to the space. More improvements look to be on the way and Line Drive will keep you updated on all of them. A special mention to all who have done a bit over the past 4 months in getting the diamond and clubrooms up to scratch.
Ground upgrade
Now that is starting to look like a nice diamond
Cods News
    The 2018 Cods campaign is looking to take off to new heights this year. Wait, I will rephrase that. The Cods are looking to raise themselves off the bottom of the Murray river and head downstream to Ballarat in 2018. What started as an idea has really gathered momentum. This year the Cods are looking to enter a 35 plus team and a 45 plus team. Already demand has been strong, with many returning for another year while others have had a year or two off. The Cods are looking to get back there over the March 16th,17th and 18th and are still looking to shore up 45 plus numbers, the more the merrier. Rob “Beaker” Barbour has already been drawing up training regimes in readiness for their introduction to the age group 45 plus baseball. So if you are interested, jump over to Cods Masters Page on Facebook and drop us a line. It is a ripping weekend of baseball and laughs and more baseball. The older we get the better we are.
Old School O’Neil has plenty to say….
    Looks like this year some of your Ranger favorites will be gracing the diamonds of Ballarat for the first time. It will be the largest influx of rookies the Cods has ever seen. One in particular has already had plenty to say. Shaun “Old School” O’Neil has already challenged the fines system, and the might, of seasoned Cod campaigners. Fine master guru Mark “Scooter” Farrow has already been made aware of this insubordination and has dealt with it swiftly. Another thing about Old School O’Neil is that he is the youngest Cod this year, and by a few years too.  Come to think of it his glove might be older than he is! Below is a picture of the glove.
Now that, is old school.
Other notable Cods
    Rumor has it that Travis “Iceman” Frost will be heading to Ballarat for a Cods appearance, as will a couple of legends from Porepunkah Panthers. Heath Anders is making a return this year and has already sworn off the mountain bike before the weekend. Paul Meddings is another who is looking to make his mark on the weekend for the first time. It will make the voting for the ‘Golden Pufferfish’ all the more interesting as the days and nights wear on. Ash “Steel Panther” Meyers is looking to retain his trophy after a strong tournament off the field and most notably on the field. Ash informs me that his phone is already fueled up with plenty of rocking tunes and is counting down the days to Cods 2018. The former Iron Chef, Tetsu Kamiyama is coming back for another run. His first since being an inaugural member.
Who likes new merch? We do.
    New merchandise has been ordered for Wangaratta this coming season. Rob “Butts” Seymour put in a power of work to come up with the design of the new Ranger warm up shirt. It was quite the task too. Just getting the sponsors and the design looking great, took a great deal of time and effort. But he is pleased with the end result. As is the Ranger faithful who have placed a large order for the coming season. If you have not ordered one yet then don’t despair. There are a few extras in the order so you too, can look the part in your Ranger gear for season 2018. They will be here before the start of the season. To go with the beanies, hoodies and caps we certainly are the trend setters of North Eastern Baseball.
Rangers shirts 2018
Coming to Wangaratta real soon
    Now on the subject of merch, The Cods that be down in the depths of the Murray, have come up with a new shirt for the 2018 Cod season. Over at Cods Master baseball, there was a call that went out for some tag lines and mottos. The Cods then elected the two best mottos and they are to be placed on the front and the back of the new t-shirt. On the front, the winning motto was “Hook, Linedrive and Sinker” while on the back the phrase “In Cods we trust” , will grace the uniform. Personally, Line Drive likes that his name is in there on one of the shirts. Even if it is by accident. Decide for yourself.
Nambrok boys have been very quiet
    Not much has been heard about the Nambrok gentlemen as of late. Last time to my knowledge, Brad “Undies” Murdoch was stuck in traffic somewhere. Daniel “The Griff” Griffin has been playing some fine tennis throughout the summer months and is looking at a big campaign this coming season. He has also been thinking about trip locations already. After last years Bendigo trip it will be hard to top. Also, is Kelsey “Dropsy” Burder still coaching the Cods? Maybe a training run soon to run your eye over the playing group? So many questions and yet no definitive answers to them. Maybe in the next edition there may be some more detail.
Now for the club stuff
  • Committee meeting Wednesday Night 7:30pm Targoora Park. All are welcome to attend.
  • Make sure you download the app from search Wangaratta Rangers. Calendar is continually being updated.
  • Website will be updated when new information comes to hand and link to line drive through site.
  • If you playing Cods then the insurance needs to be paid via members login on website. Same process as last year.
  • Check out our sponsors via the tab on the website. Your continued support is appreciated.
  • Follow us @wangrangers on
  • New shirts will be available before the beginning of the 2018 season. Beanies, caps and stubby holders still available.
That’s it for this one. Have a good week, and in 2018,
“Go Rangers”
“Go Cods”

Rounding Third by Line Drive October 16th 2017

Welcome to an out of season edition of Rouding Third. Since the last update, there has been plenty going on.
That last sentence is an understatement. There has been a heap of good stuff happening at Wangaratta’s one and only Baseball Softball club. More about that later. Let’s get into it.
Presentation day another success.
    Thanks to Cafe Martini Wangaratta, the Ranger family all gathered for a presentation lunch and a catch up to reflect on another successful year. Man for all seasons and multi sport athlete Scott, “The Big Show” Jenkins did a sterling job putting together all the trophies for season 2017. This year plenty of new categories were presented with Jenkins taking out the prestigious fly ball award. Perennial Fly Ball award winner Rob Seymour was suitably impressed it was not him, as his name is on there up to six times! For the record, Jenkins is only the 5th winner of the award in seventeen years!
In other awards Nathan Pool capped a stellar season by taking out Rangers Black MVP while Brendon “59” French and Jason “Sunscreen” Jonker shared the Orange honors. Best first year player was Jackson “Whacko Jacko” Wright. Congratulations to all award winners and hope to see you all out there again next year.
DJ Iwanuch Club person of the year.
    “DJ Sarah” Iwanuch has had a massive year. Not only has she learned how to score baseball, played the odd game here and there and ran the tunes at training on Thursday nights, she also put together the Rangers presentation visuals and pretty much had a go at everything. Many agreed at the club that she was a deserving recipient of the Club person of the year award. From all of us at Wangaratta, congratulations and thanks for all your hard work during season 2017.
Dragey turns his hand to a new sport.
    Line Drive was just sifting through the pages of social media when he came across a little bit of news about 2015 Rangers Black premiership player Mark “The Rage” Drage. Dragey did not play in season 2017, but he has been far from idle. Dragey has put his fleet of foot ability to good purpose. He has been terrorizing defenses in the Murray Cup for the Wangaratta based North East Knights Rugby League Football Club. From all reports Drage had a cracking year by taking out the mens best and fairest award by one vote. Cricket, Baseball, Rugby League, Drage has many strings and is good at all of them. Congratulations Dragey. Enjoy the touch footy on Monday nights in Yarrawonga-Mulwala.
T-Ball and Softball Wednesday Nights.
    Another initiative over the summer months is to try and get some social softball happening down at Targoora Park on Wednesday nights over the summer time. So far the response has been positive. A couple of Wednesday’s ago fourteen showed up for a social hit and a bit of a game. Rumour has it there are more to come. T-ball has started for the kids on the same night at the same venue. If you are not doing much, come along Wednesday nights from 6pm. Targoora Park Murdoch Road Wangaratta.
Ground update.
     For many a year it has been proposed that the ground be drained. Not much was done about it. However Winter 2016 happened and there was a realisation that something needed to be done to improve the surface. After much discussion, planning and deal making it has finally been completed. The infield on the main diamond has been drained and turfed. Leader of men Tony “Spinner” Smith coordinated the Rangers group looking for assistance for four days over the past four weekends. Wangaratta responded. From digging out the dirt on the first day to cutting slits in pipes, trenching, laying pipe, moving and raking sand, moving irrigation, and laying turf, the job is now complete. Nathan “Rubberarm” and Kevin “The Legend” Pool put in a power of work with the pipe laying and turfing and pretty much everything else. It has been a huge operation. A massive thank you goes out to every single player and supporter of Wangaratta who gave up their time over the past four weeks to get this enormous task completed. This is something that Wangaratta Rangers should be proud of and proof that a little club with loyal committed members can achieve just about anything. Now what is the next improvement? Maybe a new bar for the clubrooms? Think big dream big.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

(for more images check out Wangaratta Rangers on Facebook)
Turfing Tales.
    There has been plenty of laughs over the past four weekends and some terse moments. One highlight on Saturday was Kyle “Thrillmore” Gilmore deciding to try what can only be described as heartburn between bread. You see Gilly was challenged by good mate Brad “Undies” Murdoch to try a concoction of a “Pie Mac” For those who do not know what one of these are, that’s fine. It is a McDonald’s Big Mac with a meat pie inserted into the burger. Gilly tried his best to finish it but unfortunately the “Pie Mac” defeated him. He gave no reason why it did. Maybe the indigestion could have been an issue.
    In other turfing tales, many are suffering from very sore legs and backs from carrying turf all day. Late on day four Kev Pool asked the innocuous question if the wheel barrow had sand to Cam “the Soak” Scott. The Soak replied with a “yes” as he walked towards the barrow. Unfortunately Kev did not hear it so he asked him again.  Cam replied a little louder “YES”. Kev then asked him again where Cam said YES IT DOES very loudly. Turfing does cranky things to cranky people folks.
    It was good to see that Jason “Sunscreen” Jonker had learned his lesson from Cods earlier in the year. He was the first to apply the SPF 50+ each day and reapply when necessary. He was not going to have a repeat of his impressive sunglasses burn marks from a sunny Ballarat in March.
Ranger Ramble VI is here
    Yes the annual Rangers trip is on this coming weekend. Master of the tin Daniel “The Griff” Griffin has counted the coins in the tin and organised a trip that will not disappoint. Friday’s theme is “Snean” or “Jorts”, where Saturday the theme is beach day at the Bendigo Races. There are always many standouts on a trip like this with many vying for the best dressed trophy for Friday. There are a few Ranger rookies this year and it is always great to have some newbies on these occasions. What will they wear? How will they punt on the Saturday? One thing is for certain and that is that everyone enjoys themselves. Have a good weekend you lot and be safe.
Happy Birthday Fernando and Radelaide
Happy birthday to Steve “Fernando” Peruzzo and Lise “Radelaide” Cambareri who one has celebrated a milestone birthday while the other is soon approaching it. A ripping time was had by all down at Peruzzo land where the massive bonfire captivated many most of the night. Special mention to Aaron “Aldibags” Parker who kept himself warm by fitting into an Aldi Bag. Great night everyone!
CODS update
     Is it safe to talk about this now? Yes of course it is. CODS masters baseball will be back in March 2018. Already many have been canvassing the idea of having two teams. One for 35 plus and another for the 45 plus competition. The Cods have been proactive in locking in a coaches for 2018. Kelsey “Dropsys” Burder, is the 35 plus Manager while Rob “Beaker” Barbour has put his hand up for the newly formed 45 plus age group. If you are keen, head over the Cods Masters Baseball at and look for upcoming information. Watch this space as there is plenty going on behind the scenes.
New website.
    The Wangaratta rangers Website has shifted addresses. The old site still works and there is a link to the new Wangaratta Rangers website on the home page. The page has all the links you need to contact the club and to read Line Drive each and every week. The new location for all your rangers news is
Find us on teamapp and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.
Now for the Club stuff
  • Ranger Ramble on this coming weekend
  • T-Ball and Softball down at “the Ranch” Wednesday nights from 6pm. All welcome
  • Welcome to the new committee. Jamie Samuels and Kelsey Burder have joined the executive
  • Cods Masters in 2018 looking for 45 plus players.
  • Next committee meeting to be confirmed.
Well that’s it. Off for a break. Will speak to you all soon
Go Rangers

Rounding Third By Line Drive Grand Final Edition 2017

Hello and welcome to the grand final edition of Rounding Third. It has been a few weeks since Line Drive has run an eye over what has been happening down at the Ranch but boy what a few weeks it has been. The grand finals have been run and won. What a day of baseball was had by all. Three very competitive, high quality games of baseball were watched by a healthy crowd down at the Ranch over the weekend. From what this scribe witnessed and took part in, all enjoyed themselves very much. A big shout out goes to the volunteers at Wangaratta Rangers Baseball Club who marked the diamonds, manned the kiosk, raked the diamonds and made sure everything ran smoothly for all during the day. A big thank you to the umpires who traveled up from Melbourne to officiate the games. We all hope you enjoyed your day. Now what else has been going on? Keep reading and maybe one of your favorites might be mentioned.
Sun Shined on the North Eastern baseball Association Finals day
     A beautiful North Eastern Victoria day greeted all the clubs for the finals of the 2017 North Eastern Baseball Association. The Rangers men and women had brought the ground up to look a treat and mother nature shined down on Targoora Park. In the early game, which helped kick the dew off the ground, Rangers Orange overcame a dogged Wodonga Warriors Maroon by a run. The final score was 8 to 7.   Brendon “Photograph” French took the honors of best on ground with a sterling performance on the mound and with the ball. Well done Frenchy. A special mention has to go out to first year manager Jamie the “Gaffer” Samuels. The Gaffer took on an enormous job of looking after and rotating through a squad of sixteen players. It is never easy being the boss and especially even more when you have changing availability from week to week. Congratulations and well done on all your efforts from all of us at Wangaratta Rangers Baseball Club.
Jamie Samuels 2017 rangers Orange
Rangers Orange 2017. Photo courtesy of Jamie Samuels
Porepunkah prove too strong for Bears Gold
     In game two of the day, Bears Gold took on Porepunkah Panthers. In a cracking start to the game Porepunkah took an early lead to get a run on the board in the top of the first. Bears Gold were up to the challenge and hit back scoring a couple of their own. A couple of short innings kept the game tight before the experienced Punkah line slowly began get on top. Banksy put on a clinic on the mound while hitting up a storm and punkah cult hero (well with the peanut gallery sitting on the first base line) Jimmy Hughes hit a long ball to consolidate the lead. In the end Porepunkah claimed the win by a score of 11 to 3. Congratulations to Porepunkah Panthers.
Bears Green get the job done over Wodonga Warriors White
     A good crowd stuck around to watch the North Eastern Baseball Association A grade final between Bears Green and Wodonga Warriors White at Targooora Park. Warriors White have certainly been the form team of the past month, pushing Rangers Black a few weeks back then turning the tables back on Black last week after a stellar performance on the mound by wily veteran Ash “Metal” Meyers. Bears Green sent Brendan “Boo” Simmons to the mound and from the start, he was in control. Simmons was doing it all. He gave Bears Green the early lead with a three run shot over right centre fence. Warriors fought back scoring a couple of runs themselves and the crowd were into an entertaining contest. Home runs to Mark Taylor and Steve Coonan helped stretch bears lead and with Simmons in complete control on the mound, the game was Bears Green with a score of 9-3. Simmons was awarded the MVP with a magnificent display on the mound and collected multiple hits to be the player with the most impact upon the game. In all, nine innings of baseball was played in just under two hours and seven runs came from the three home runs. The game was played in great spirit and many commented on the overall quality of the baseball played throughout the day. Congratulations to Bears Green. North Eastern baseball Association 2017 A grade premiers.
Finals day Wangaratta 1
Late in the A Grade Bears Green vs Warriors White 
Nathan Pool MVP
     It was a great initiative by the North Eastern baseball Association to resurrect the league presentation night. From all reports those who went certainly did enjoy themselves. More about that soon. Anyway Rangers own rubberarm Nathan “FOMO” Pool took out the A grade award MVP for the 2017 season. A big congratulations to Pooly! When there is a game that needed to be thrown or won, Pool pitched his heart out on the mound each and every time. Now it has to be mentioned that Pool and good mate Rob “Butts” Seymour certainly did enjoy themselves arriving home in the wee hours of Saturday morning. However Cab driver Tony “Spinner” Smith dobbed the boys in for leaving behind evidence of their trip home. This being the baseball caps and the trophy. Another fine for the trip away tin boys.
French and Jonker share the spoils.    
     A big pat on the back goes out to wily veterans of Rangers Orange Brendon “Photograph” French and Jason “Sunscreen” Jonker who shared the 2017 C grade Most Valuable Player award for the North Eastern Baseball Association. It has been a big year for French . Playing his 300th and also getting to share the diamond each weekend with with his son Damien “Rookie” French. Jonker has played every game once again and just loves to play each week. On behalf of Wangaratta Rangers congratulations on the 2017 season men.
Great job Bryan
     The Rangers Black season came to an end at the hand of a very good Wodonga Warriors on a wet Sunday at Springdale Heights. Coach Bryan “Moose” Wilson has lead the Rangers Black squad with skill and enthusiasm all year. He has challenged the boys and girls to get better and give it their all at training and on the diamond. His work with the juniors between games during the season does not go unnoticed. His loyalty and enthusiasm with other members of the association has been impressive. Great job on the season Moose.
The squad get a quaddie.
     Finally it happened, Nathan “Fomo” Pool, Shaun “Flashback” O’Neil, Rob “Butts” Seymour and Cam “the Soak” Scott jagged a quaddie and boy they were chuffed! Lauren ‘Mrs Soak’ Scott also had input, choosing some nags along the way too. A nice little collect for the end of season kitty. Scott “Jenko” Jenkins was not so much pleased. When asked why was he not in on the quaddie The Soak replied “you were too busy playing a game on your phone”. Jenko just agreed with that. Mind you a ten per cent share of $1800 is not one to really be upset about missing.
Flashback does a phantom
     Sean “Flashback” O’Neil has been a revelation for this column this year. From his antics on the diamond and off it, Flashback has said many times to this scribe “Surely there is someone else to write about?” Well O’Neil you have just been a source of stories all year. This was again the case on Saturday. A few of the Rangers men and women decided to get together for a long lunch and a bit of punting. When it became time to change the scenery for dinner Flashback was all in for that. But was he? After he sent the rest of the party ahead he said he was just going to have a bit of a punt. He looked at his surroundings and did the old “phantom”. Trick is O’Neil knows multiple exits of where he was at and snuck out the door and home. Not a bad move really O’Neil. When questioned about it Sunday Flashback just lamented… “I wasted money on that Kebab” Enough said Flashback. Enough Said.
Nambrok is no more. 
    As the headline suggests Nambrok is no more. Remaining Band mates Kyle “Thrillmore” Gilmore and Kelsey “Dropsy” Burder have left Nambrok and reunited with their previous band mate Brad “Undies” Murdoch just north of the border in Albury. Dropsy assures this writer that this is only a temporary move and told all his avid fans out there to not stress too much as they will soon be back in Wangaratta. In the mean time check out Burders new wheels. He says they can go real fast. Always stylish Dropsy.
Get back on the bike Tetsu
     Iron Chef Tetsu Kamiyama did not quite live up to the name over the past week. Last Sunday he turned up sporting a rather black eye. Jason “Sunscreen” Jonker and Cam “The Soak” Scott asked Tets how did this black eye occur? Here is Tetsu’s long story. “Monday ride home fell off. Left bike and walked home”. Big black eye from the fall. On Tuesday Tetsu decided to go get his bike. It was not there. Lucky for him it had been handed into the local Police station where the owner was reunited with his bike.
Nice to see the bike is in good shape
Griff and the tin
     Well the tin has been opened. Daniel “The Griff” Griffin let those who are looking to go on the end of season Ranger Ramble VI Bendigo Version 3.0 edition that the accounts are looking rather healthy. He has not told anyone what the final figure is, but if anyone who has been in possession of the tin at any point late in the season will know that it was rather heavy. Maybe for a final bit of a raffle  all could have a guess on how much is in the tin and receive a prize for the correct guess. Like a free lunch on the tins behalf? Anyway all will be revealed in how much is in the tin on October 20th 2017.
Happy travellers
     There has been a great many of players who have come from near and far to represent Wangaratta this season. Each week the Hume crew of Leah and Lauren Dinsdale, Daniel Griffin, Robyn “RPG” Percy Goulding come up from Melbourne most weeks. Not to  mention the Red runners Aaron “Azza” Parker and Tetsu Kamiyayma. Jason Jonker drives the southbound each week and don’t forget Cam “the Soak” Scott who leaves Yarrawonga for a feed and laugh in Wangaratta. As mentioned in a previous edition many travel to play for the club and they keep coming back. Hope to see you all again next year in the Orange and Black of Wangaratta Baseball Club.
Softball looks to return (from a previous edition but still very important)
     While having a chat to Kevin “The Legend” Pool he was saying that there has been some interest in getting softball going again over the summer time. It has been some time since softball has graced the diamonds of Targoora Park and now is the time to change all that, and look for expressions of interest in playing once again. It would fantastic if there are like minded readers of Rounding Third who are interested in playing Softball in the Albury Softball Association. For those who are interested get in contact with the club via email
CODS update
     Is it safe to talk about this now? Yes of course it is. CODS masters baseball will be back in March 2017. Already many have been canvassing the idea of having two teams. One for 35+ and another for the 45+ competition. If you are keen head over the Cods Masters Baseball at and look for upcoming information.
Now finally to the Club stuff
  • Presentation day/night poll is now up on Facebook. Vote for the according day or night please
  • Ranger Ramble VI Bendigo October 20th weekend.
  • Beanies still available as are stubby holders, see club for more information
  • T-Ball to begin in October sometime. Look for updates and information in the coming months
  • If interested in softball, email the club
Wow, that is a big edition. Once again congratulations to all involved in the North Eastern Baseball association and a big thank you if you have made it this far through the read. Remember to like and share and spread the good word about baseball in the North East of Victoria. Look for a presentation edition coming up in the next few months.
Go Rangers!!!!

Rounding Third By Line Drive July 24th 2017

Hello and welcome to this weeks massive edition of Rounding Third. It has been a couple of weeks since the last edition, so we will let you know how the Boys and Girls in Orange and Black have gone.
      A sunny Saturday was on hand over the weekend and Wodonga Warriors were welcomed to the Ranch. The early game was a cracking one with Warriors White serving it up to the Rangers Black in a preview for the preliminary final in two weeks. It went down to the wire with Rangers Black prevailing in a walk off victory 6-4. The late game was also hotly contested with Warriors Maroon taking the win by a run 8-7. Then the fun started. But more about that later in this big edition of Rounding Third. Let’s get to it.
It has happened. Spaniard meets the new Gus
     After weeks of speculation and not seeing Angus “Spaniard” Young and Alex “Gus” Gouveia in the same location (being the same person) both came face to face a couple of weeks back.. Let’s set the scene. Warm up was on and Spaniard took off with the rest of his Ranger brothers while Alex was still getting organised. Eventually Alex made it round to where the team was stretching. The rest of the squad could not believe what they were seeing. Two Gus’s!!!. Alex remarked there was no similarities while real Gus did point out “there are SOME similarities in the way we look”. This put many in the circle into fits of laughter with Alex still disputing that they look nothing alike. Gus played the first couple of innings for Black and was then replaced ironically by Alex in the lineup. For the record, Alex had a hit as did Gus. Alex likes to pitch as does Gus. Coincidence? I think not.
O’Neil has a Flashback!
     A few weeks ago at Benalla, Shaun “Flashback” O’Neil had a day to forget (see June 14th edition) However Sunday was the day where Flashback was to set the record straight. It could be said he had leather poisoning with his glove. But his fielding glove is not leather. So let’s call it synthetic leather poisoning. He was in everything. A touch here a touch there. Another one and even a double play. it must be said that the quick hands of Cam “The Soak” Scott helped him out with that one. O’Neil still disagrees. He did it in the field and did it all in the batting box too. His highlight? A towering shot just over the center field fence. Flashback played it up for his adoring family and the Ranger faithful gathered to watch his exploits. Flashback got what he so desired, the glass for Best on Ground. Flashback was keen to replicate his efforts from the previous week against Warriors white and while he was solid he could not quite get the glass again. He might need to invest in a better padded glove as he took a full force of a line drive at second. Lucky for him hit the right part of the glove. He may as well caught it bare handed. Maybe next week Flashback .
Lucky Ticket has been run and won
     The social event of the year has been run and won. Wangaratta Rangers Lucky Ticket had about ninety in attendance and all who were there had a cracking good time. Roast beef rolls went down a treat while all kept warm around the fires. The committee and members of the Rangers all pitched in and the draw ran like clockwork. So who won? The winner of the lucky ticket draw was the leader of men, the Pres Tony “Spinner” Smith. It was a popular win as Spinner puts in countless hours down at the club organising cleaning cooking playing and getting others to help out at the club. Spin was a bit shocked to win the draw but this writer thinks he is definitely a well deserved winner. Congratulations Spin. Enjoy!
Great day for baseball
     Two great games were played down at the Ranch over the past weekend. In the early game Nathan “Rubberarm” Pool pitched  with guile to keep the Rangers in the game while for Warriors White Fraser Chadwick threw a great game. It was neck and neck  with Warriors getting the jump with Ragers triking back with then Warriors to stretch their advantage again. Late in the game Wodonga had a chance to put a break on Rangers but were unable to capitalise on loaded bases with no one out. Rangers had one last chance to win it and with runners in scoring position Tetsu “Iron Chef” Kamiyama drove in the winning runs. A bigh quality, intense game of ball played hard, fair and played to win.
Warriors Represent
     Some of the Warriors stayed on for the Lucky ticket draw and enjoyed the hospitality of the Wangaratta Rangers. Golden Pufferfish, Ash Meyers lead the charge as usual ably supported by the golden tonsils of Chris “Enrique” Jones whose rendition of Hero was one to behold. Later on Enrique changed gears and asked for some Paul Simon “You can call me Al”. Enrique felt the music as did Michael “Bill” Clear who got some moves in on the dance floor. Maybe next year a Karaoke night hosted by Enrique and Bill could be organised. Thoughts anyone?
Call of the week
     Call of the week has to go to Whacko Jacko Wright who said he could “teach” Tetsu “Iron Chef” Kamiyama how to hit. Wow setting the bar hight there Jackson. Wonder if this week there may be a hitting competition between these two? If you rang a bookmaker to forma a market on that one you would be howled down in laughter. My odds Tetsu to win that one at $1.01. Jackson would be probably $201 to win. Sorry Jackson no chance against the little master.
Murdoch returns
     Legendary member of “Nambrok” Brad “Undies” Murdoch returned to the diamond over the past weekend. Undies has had a few commitments during this season but he suited up and played his role with fellow band members Kyle “Thrillmore” Gilmore, Kelsey “Dropsys” Burder and Dan “Griff” Griffin. Murdoch was good on the field but it is when the sky turns dark is where Murdoch and Nambrok excel. If you ever want to see a great impersonation of some Peter Garrett dancing just check out Murdoch. he has the mannerisms and moves down pat. Each time he busts it out it is just as good as the last. For the record the rendition of Creep by Nambrok was impressive as past years. Good times.
Robbo and lefty impress on the bump 
     A positive to take out of Ragers Orange match against Bears Green a couple of weeks back was Andrew “Robbo” Robinsons continual development as a pitcher. In his two innings he threw with control, and with time will develop his understanding of the game. Simon “Lefty” O’Neil put in a couple of solid innings of work too. Two guys who have been away from the game for a long time but are getting better each and every week. Keep working hard at training gentlemen.
Chef Samuels is in the kitchen
Chef Butts aka Rob Seymour is having a break this week. After Buttchos and Kranskys the past two weeks, Chef Jamie “The Gaffer” Samuels is taking over. Pulled pork and coleslaw rolls is on the menu this week. Look for the post on the Rangers Facebook page and then vote if you want some or not. Training numbers have been great. Tune up for Orange vs Black this week by training hard and having a good feed.
Come have a run and a feed
Orange vs Black 
     The final round of the regular season will see Ranngers Orange play Rangers Black this Sunday. Many players will be looking to fine tune their skills before the finals kick off next weekend. Remember if you are not available to play, let the club know and place it on Team app at
Softball looks to return
     While having a chat to Kevin “The Legend” Pool he was saying that there has been some interest in getting softball going again over the summer time. It has been some time since softball has graced the diamonds of Targoora Park and now is the time to change all that, and look for expressions of interest in playing once again. It would fantastic if there are like minded readers of Rounding Third who are interested in playing Softball in the Albury Softball Association. For those who are interested in playing softball to get in contact with the club via email
Special shout out to Tabaret
     Clinton “Tabaret” Williams played his 350th game for his beloved Hawks Baseball Club up in Mildura over the weekend. Thanks to Grant “G” Tilley for the snippet.  “Infact, it was just about all about Willy. He pitched his 7th complete game, he gave up his 250th walk and he claimed his 200th strikeout”. A great bloke and a damn good ball player over the years. Great job #5.
Now for the Club News-
  • Orange vs Black from 1pm at Wangaratta.
  • Finals venues to be advised. Check on line for more details during the week
  • Ranger Ramble October 2017.
  • Merchandise is available. Grab a beanie for $25.
  • Subs are due see Jenko for details.
  • Training 6pm Thursday. The Gaffer cooking reply to poll on Facebook page
  • Checkout teamapp Wangaratta Rangers and follow us on Twitter.
Gotta stop somewhere. Read and share the good word about baseball in the Northeast of Victoria.
Till then
Go Rangers !!

Rounding Third by Line Drive June 27th 2017

Hello and welcome to this weeks edition of Rounding Third. The weekend saw your Rangers guys and girls head up the Hume to Albury to take on perennial powerhouse NASC Bears. In the early game, the rapidly improving Rangers Orange got off to a slow start against Bears Gold. However the damage was already done with Bears running out 15-5 victors. In the late game, a vastly different Rangers Black looked to turn the tables on Bears Green. It was a very high quality game of baseball with some newer Rangers getting some good swings in, against a very good Bears pitcher. In the end Rangers Black could not make any inroads and lost by the score of 10-2. Credit to the Bears who tacked on runs here and there throughout the game. A big thanks to all traveling supporters of both clubs who braved some very indifferent baseball conditions. Your support every week is greatly appreciated by all who take the diamond. Now last weeks edition was epic, what has been happening in the past seven days?
A night out with the Rangers
     Jamie “The Gaffer” Samuels got to experience what it is like to head out with some of the Ranger boys on Friday night. She thought it was a good idea to partake in a social night with them via the Wangaratta Soccer Club. Early on she witnessed Tetsu “The Pest” Kamiyama in full flight and Rob “Butts” Seymour just having a good night. One thing to know Jamie is  when you see a way out you take it. Ask Steve “Fernando” Peruzzo how to do it.  Jamie had not learned that yet and witnessed all sorts of shenanigans. Let’s just say it ended with “The Pest” getting lost. Once again for those who know, it was just another standard night out with the Wangaratta Rangers.
Dropsy does it again.
     Kelsey “Dropsy” Burder had a cracker of a game down at Benalla last weekend. Looking back at the score book and stats sheet, Kelsey went five for five with all his other stats through the roof. Could he continue his hot streak this week against Bears Gold? Sadly not a chance. He lost all coordination behind the plate and could not even throw the ball back to the pitcher. If Shaun “Old School” O’Neil was there he would have been well pleased that the heat was off him for the week. Kelsey did admit to Line Drive spies that he owed a bit to the tin this week. Things improved for him as the day wore on and by the end Dropsy was gone and Kelsey was back. On a side note whatever Burder is doing with his swing he should keep doing it. Come have a look. Burder is burning it up.
Dinsdales know how to hit
     The apple does not fall far from the tree when it comes to Leah and Lauren Dinsdale. Both this year have shown the same approach to hitting as their father Ian “Dino” Dinsdale. “See ball hit ball.” Looking through the books, both put the ball in play regularly and are tough outs at the plate. This was definitely the case versus Bears Gold. Dinsdale gets on base with, Dinsdale driving in the run. Good work team Dinsdale.
The winter is here
     The past weekend saw a few changes to each team from the Thursday to the Sunday. Both Jamie “The Gaffer” Samuels and Bryan “Moose” Wilson dealt with the situation admirably. It just seemed to be a perfect storm. In the end our ‘we never forfeit’ attitude came to the fore with Kelsey Burder backing up in the second game as well as Simon “Lefty” O’Neil and “The Game” Jason Jonker. Brad “Undies” Murdoch stuck around all day too just in case something went wrong. Special mention to Kevin “The Legend” Pool who scored both games in some very cool conditions. To all injured out there look after yourselves we hope you get better soon.
Rangers Lucky Ticket is back
     That’s right on Saturday July 22 will see the annual Rangers Lucky Ticket night. Once again MC’s Cam “The Soak” Scott and
Scott “The Beard” Jenkins will be your hosts for the draw. Tickets are again $25, so see a club member for a ticket. Baseball brothers in arms, Wodonga Warriors, are keen for a cracking night with their Ranger brethren, and have purchased a book of tickets.  Baseball will be played on Saturday the 21st July against Wodonga before the draw so come along and have a look at some Saturday baseball. Look out for “The Golden Pufferfish” Ash Meyers to have a great day both on and off the field.
Ranger ramble is filling up
     Event Organiser Dan “The Griff” Griffin informs Line Drive that places on this years Ranger Ramble to Bendigo are rapidly filling up. Already Griff can confirm he has thirteen travellers for the sixth installment of this annual event. To those who are keen to go, better get paying and talk to Griff. One thing we know is that it will be a corker of a trip like the other five. This year’s theme is beach party. So get out your best Hawaiian shirts for a rocking fun weekend in October.
Victorian Winter Baseball Champs is almost here
     On July 8th and 9th the North Eastern Baseball Association will be hosting the Under 16’s winter championships at Targoora Park. This is a call out to all Rangers who are around on the weekend to pitch in and help out with a slot on Saturday or Sunday morning. This coming Saturday, President Tony “Spinner” Smith needs some help getting the ground up to usual high standard. So please spare and hour here or there and help out. Many hands make light work. A hour here or there means a lot to many. If all clubs could work together and help out then that would be awesome. Wear your work boots and be there at 9am.
Thursday Night Training
     This Thursday, a meal has yet to be decided upon but no matter. Look to get down to “The Ranch” and have a laugh, work on your skills and train hard for an hour. If you have a drill or something you wish to implement speak up. The more input the better. No request about a skill of baseball will be refused. Short sharp train hard and have fun. DJ Sarah will be in attendance once again. Let’s work on the positives and get around one another and enjoy this great game of baseball.
Team app news
     Team app is where you get your latest Ranger news about Line Drive and statistics. Download the app for android and apple from their respective stores. If you are player, post your unavailability so the coaches know what is going on. The more information the better. Search for Wangaratta Rangers and join. Spread the word and enjoy.
Now for the Club News-
  • This week both teams are up at Porepunkah.
  • U16 Winter championships July 8 and 9 Tagoora Park Wangaratta.
  • Ranger Ramble October 2017.
  • Merchandise is available. Grab a beanie for $25.
  • Subs are due see Jenko for details.
  • Training 6pm Thursday.
  • Checkout teamapp Wangaratta Rangers and follow us on Twitter. We can also be found on Facebook,.
Short and sharp this week. To all you readers out ther, like, share and spread the good word about the Wangaratta Rangers Baseball Club. Stay warm this week as it is quite chilly in the North East….. and,
Go Rangers.

Rounding Third By Line Drive June 6th 2017

Hello once again and welcome to another insight into the the personalities and inner workings of the Wangaratta Rangers Baseball Club. Over the past couple of weeks it has been very entertaining down at the Ranch. Last week Rangers Orange played host Rangers Black or could we say Rangers Cods edition. The weather was average and the Rangers Cods got over the line. This week saw both teams head back up the Hume to start the second half of the season. Rangers Orange played a very positive brand of baseball against Wodonga Warriors White. However they were unable to get the points with Warriors hitting the ball hard all day to secure a 12-6 win over 7 innings. In the late game a few forced changes with unavailability and illnesses, Rangers Black bats got the job done early and were never headed against Warriors Maroon. Once again there was a good turnout for the juniors and a big thank you to those from both Wangaratta and Wodonga for participating between games. A week off next week with the Victorian Winter Baseball Championships being played down in Geelong. Good luck to all who have put their hand up to go and represent the good folk of North Eastern Baseball Association. Now onto what has been happening around the club.
End of an era.
     Many a boy band have parted ways in the past few years. One Direction is one that almost certainly comes to every readers mind. However one of Wangaratta’s finest bands “Nambrok” might be relocating within the confines of Wanagaratta. Band leader Kelsey “Dropsy” Burder is thinking of relocating. This means the band will have to change names. However membership has been pretty solid and only last week the core memberes were seen around town playing backyard golf and creatively carrying some couches to the tip. The name may change but the good times will always be the same.
Check those bats
     Is it just me or does there seem to be more long balls this year? Home runs aplenty have been crushed in the past couple of weeks. Now officially Rangers have the new smash brothers. Bryan “Moose” Wilson and Scott “The Beard” Jenkins. These two have been lighting it up with the long ball during the first half of the season. Moose with sheer power while Jenko has been working hard and now is reaping the benefits of his refined swing. There have been four blasts that have gone the distance while a couple of others have just fallen short of the fence. The bash borthers have ut their hands up to represent the North East next weekend. let’s hope they can continue to hit the ball hard and far!
Welcome back Number 7
     Welcome back to Angus “The Original Spaniard” Young who pulled on the Rangers colours for the first time in 18 months. Or as Nathan Pool like to call him Alex. You see there has been plenty of banter over the past month about recruit Alex Gouveia having more than a little bit of resemblance to Gus. Now many are wondering if they are the same person? Always seen Gus on his own and Alex but never seen them in the same place at the same time. On the playing side of things Gus picked up a hit and had a nice simple day in the field. Good to have you back Gus.
Rangers Merchandise. The best in the North East!
     New merchandise has arrived and already it has created a bit of a stir around the traps. The Wangaratta Rangers beanies are the fashion accessory of the winter. In the good old tangerine black and white, they look especially fashionable with what everyone wants on top. A brown and orange pom-pom. Already many have commented on how great they look and where can they get one from? At $25 a beanie stocks will not last. Get in quick and come be fashionable with the most fashionable baseball club in the north east!
For $24.99 one of these could be yours
Thursday night dinner
     These have been a big hit this year. Last week once again numbers on the track were sensational and then many of them sat down to pizzas and a chat. This week there could a special appearance by Daniel “The Trip” Griffin. Now last time Griff cooked everyone raved about his kitchen abilities. Now this scribe believes this Thursday he is back for a return cook. This is one meal that is definitely not to be missed. If you want a feed let the club know on team app or on Facebook page to partake in what will once again be a great meal.
The Karma Bus
     How about this for karma. Nathan “Rubberarm” Pool was having a good chuckle about Cam “The Soak” Scott’s misfortune of succumbing to a condition as what he described as an old man’s disease. However a couple days later Pooly was not feeling the best and could not talk. This led to The Soak messaging Pooly with a two word text “sucked in!”.
Welcome lefty
     Last week a lefty wandered across the paddock and wanted to have a throw. He then put his hand up to throw a bullpen and threw very well too. A big Ranger Welcome to Simon “Lefty” O’Neil. He played very solid right field took a catch and threw everything in hard and flat. Hope you enjoy the rest of the season Simon.
Pitchers wanted
     If anyone is interested in eating up a few innings on the mound please ask the gurus of Rangers pitching Nathan Pool and Aaron “Hunter” Parker. They are more than happy to lend their expertise and know-how to help you with the tough job of throwing a ball over the plate. Last week saw the promising debut of Andrew “Robbo” Robinson on the mound who put in a very encouraging display. Maybe soon Simon “lefty” O’Neil will get his turn for a throw. The more innings you throw the better you get at it! (unless you are Dropsy!)
Footy Capers
     Rob “Butt’s” Seymour took to Etihad Stadium before the Carlton vs North Melbourne a couple of Sunday’s ago. He started the game on fire picking up a couple of quick possessions earning the praise of his Carlton coaches. Later int he game he wanted to come off for a rest but that was not an option. Stay on was the instruction and all benches to be on the field too. Butt’s being well… Butt’s doubled back looped around and got his rest he wanted on the bench with the coaches being completely unaware to his sneaky ways. If you get a chance check out his action shot. Butts does show a little resemblance to a channel 9 journalist we shall not name in this edition.  You the reader can work that one out!
Baseball Victoria Winter Championships 2017
     The long weekend tradition that is the Winter Baseball Championships is on again over the Queens Birthday in Geelong. This year’s squad is a very nice blend of grizzled veterans and young bucks wanting to test their mettle and have a cracking good time against the other winter associations from across Victoria. Line Drive hears there could be a good crew of guys and girls going to tailgate the weekend. A couple of them could be “Wacko” Jacko Wright and Jamie “The Gaffer” Samuels. Enjoy the weekend have a laugh, support the clubs who put on a good show for all and watch the North East represent as they always do! For the rest of North Eastern Baseball Association enjoy your long weekend whatever you are choosing to do. Be safe.
Shout outs to Rangers near and far
     A special shout out goes to Sean “The Doc” Warfe who is keeping his keen baseball eye over what is going on down at the Ranch in season 2017. He has been a keen contributor to the Rangers Facebook page amongst other things. We all look forward to seeing you back in the future Doc. On another note it is good to see that this little insight is being read across the globe in Canada and in the United States. Thanks Chopper and Dylan.
Now for the club stuff
  • Training Thursday 6pm sharp
  • Committee meeting this Thursday after Griffins Gnoccchi 7:30pm Comment on dinner if you wish to have some on Facebook
  • Beanies $25 see Jenko for details
  • Glove bags $5 See Spinner for details
  • Caps See Butts for details
  • Victorian Winter Baseball Championships June 10-12 Geelong
  • Lucky ticket draw July 22nd pencil it in for a cracking night
  • Fees are now due. See Jenko for details
  • Ranger Ramble 2017 October not to be missed
Anyhow that’s enough for this week. Till next time
Go Rangers