Rounding Third By Line Drive 22/02/2022

Hello and welcome to the first edition of Rounding Third for the year of 2022.

It has been a while since the last edition and the world has moved on in many ways since the premature end to season 2021 of baseball. Not only in the North East but across many of the other country associations throughout Victoria.

With all that now firmly in the rear view mirror of life, it is now time to turn an eye to and scan across what has been going on in the North Eastern Baseball Association. In particular, Cods Masters and of course the new season ahead for the Wangaratta Rangers. If this is your first read, welcome! We hope you enjoy the read. Now just what has been happening over the past few months?

Let’s just say there has been a bit.

Rangers back on the diamond.

Over the past couple of weeks the people of the Wangaratta Rangers Baseball Club have been plotting and scheming about a return to the diamond for both juniors and seniors alike.  For the past three weeks,  many of the Rangers seniors have been rolling over the arm and slowly getting those hips moving again in readiness for season 2022.

This week, it goes up a notch with the first training run for the junior Rangers and senior Rangers from 5pm this Thursday. This is not just open to returning players but open to all who want to try something new. The club are always on the hunt for new members and players. Tell a friend, let the kids, your neighbours and your workmates know that baseball is back in Wangaratta. It all begins with juniors 5pm Thursday 24th February from 5pm with Seniors straight after at 6pm. Targoora Park Murdoch Rd, Wangaratta. See you there!

Looking Good Targoora!

It’s great to see the Ranger family putting their hands up to help out with club facility maintenance where they can over the off season. From moving sprinklers to weeding the diamond and general cleaning, it has been great that people have been doing their bit where they can. The club will be looking for assistance in other areas this year from the canteen to scoring and all the other associated aspects of running a club. Good stuff.

Rangers lock in their coaching staff for season 2022

After much discussion in the off season Ross “Lego man” Johnson has put his hand up to manage the A grade Rangers in season 2022. Rossco is chomping at the bit for the new season and for those Ranger tragics who have fronted up so far,  the legs and arms have been getting a workout. Big shout out to Aaron “Azza” Parker for the work he did last year under some very different circumstances. We hope you enjoy tearing up the diamonds once again across the North East Azza.

In B grade, “The Dynamic” duo Mick “The Skipper” Wyatt and Steve “Fernando” Peruzzo will share the work with their trusty vagabonds of individuals including Brad  “Undies” Murdoch and Angus “Gus Bus” King. They are only two, of a cast of many who always make the club such a fun place to be around.

It’s also great to see Sean “The Doc” Warfe has put his hand up again to steer the ship of the other Rangers side. He will be assisted by many a Ranger veteran and stalwart of the club including Brendon “Frenchy” french and Tony “Spinner” Smith. Look out for Brendon “Camma” Cameron to just poke along and just play his usual starring role!

Overseeing everything will be club coach Owen “O” Godenzi. Good luck to all this coming season.

Fence… did we say we are building a fence?

Yes that’s right. The Rangers have taken the plunge and are looking to fence in diamond one at Targoora Park. The warning track has been scuffed and now the big ask of selling each panel is being undertaken. This is the deal. For the one off payment of $400 you can have your business plastered across a panel of the fence. This is for the lifetime of the sign. No other payment, just the $400. President Nathan Pool has been working hard and it looks like it is coming to fruition. Wodonga Warriors president Bill Clear joked that they would buy a panel and we said why not!?For more information contact the club and you will be pointed in the right direction.

Tetsu does not mince words.

Tetsuya Kamiyama does not mess with words. At his first run of the year, Tets was his usual blunt best. However when it came to the mechanics of hitting it was a joy to watch. Tetsu’s ability to explain hitting simply and effectively is always interesting. One thing is for sure, if you need some hitting advice, seek out Tetsu and he will definitely put you on the right track to becoming a better hitter.

Cods. It’s time to discuss Cods

It has been a while since this topic was last discussed but there has be plenty of discussion behind the scenes in relation to Cods Baseball. After a year in Geelong where the Cods did enjoy themselves playing somewhat ‘interesting baseball’, they are reinvigorated and ready to head back to Ballarat over the first weekend of April.

King Cod and main organiser of, well most things, Cods Nathan “FOMO” Pool has put out the call out across the muddy waterways and deep sink holes of North East Victoria. The Cods have responded en masse with at least TWENTY individuals who are interested in having a crack at the Victorian Masters Baseball Championships. The usual suspects will return including past pufferfish winners Heath “Rubberarm” Anders, Rob “Butts” Seymour and reigning pufferfish Ash “Headphones” Meyers. Meyers, in conversation with Line Drive’s good mate, Cam “The Soak” Scott, said he is looking forward to the sock game, great conversation and some good fun baseball. Question is, can Meyers go for a three-peat? Or will someone come out of the Ovens Valley such as Paul “The Piker” Meddings and steal the crown? So many options to discuss in the next month. Look out for the rag tag bunch of teal coloured baseballers in Ballarat over the first weekend in April.

Burder is a lifer

Over the offseason at the annual general meeting, the club recognised one of Line Drive’s favourites, man of Club Nambrok and Esmond street, Kelsey “Dropsy” Burder. Dropsy was awarded life membership to the Wangaratta Rangers Baseball Softball Sports Club, in recognition of his time and effort in playing, being part of the committee and continued efforts and devotion toward the game of baseball in Wangaratta and the North East Victoria. Kelsey is one of the first to help out around the club, and is there at most trainings just doing the things Kelsey does. A big congratulations from all of us at Wangaratta and from the wider baseball community. Good stuff 45.

Butts tears it up

Not the dance floor, not the baseball diamond, hell not even someone’s left over meal, but his leg while playing tennis the other week. Butts posted to his followers on social media about his shin and calf all red raw from sliding around on the tennis court. No matter what the sport is Butts gives 110 per cent to it all. That’s why he is seldom beaten on the sporting field.

This scribe knows that first hand. And that was not from baseball!

RSA you need one? Well let us know.

The club is looking at running a RSA course in the near future. At the time of writing the club is looking to confirm it for the end of March. If you are interested in obtaining your RSA drop the club a message and we will put your name down.

Now to the club stuff

  • Training Thursday night 5pm for juniors and 6pm for seniors. New members most welcome.
  • Start chasing a personal sponsor it’s not a big investment but it makes the club stronger.
  • Stick around for a chat after training! New member cards coming soon.
  • New training shirts are on their way. Register your interest now!
  • Strathfieldsaye game coming up soon. Let us know if you are keen!

Well that’s it for this edition. Special mention to Vic Masters for giving the call out to Line Drive, it’s good to be back. Looking forward to bringing you all the news and ‘goings on’ at Wangaratta over the coming season. Enjoy your week and this special date! #22022022

Go Rangers

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