Rounding Third Summer Edition 2 2018

Hello and welcome to another summer edition of Rounding Third. A month has passed since our last correspondence and boy, it has been a very busy month down at the Ranch. The ground is nice and green with all parts of the Ranger family doing their bit to keep it looking in tip top shape. Check out the handy work by Kevin “The Legend” Pool. Many are looking forward to standing around and having a can of soda on his handy work outside the rooms in season 2018.
Meanwhile Cods planning has been in full swing as well as the upcoming season in the North Eastern Baseball Association. Now let’s get down to business!
Cods update February
    It has been a very hectic month for the powers behind the Cods organisation. Accommodation has been booked. New shirts and caps are ordered and even for some Cods, the arm has been dusted off and rolled over. At this current moment The Cods are putting in two sides; 35 plus as per usual and for the first time in their four year history a 45 plus squad. In all there are approximately 30 Cods including coaching staff heading to Ballarat on 16th-18th of March. Now remember Cods out there to pay your insurances via your clubs website when it becomes available. At this current moment this is not available. All outstanding accounts need to be paid in full by March the 14th.
Support the Cods
    The Cod squad has become much larger in 2018. Not only there are two teams but man of trips Daniel “The Griff” Griffin and his merry men including Kyle “Thrillmore” Gilmore and Brad “Undies” Murdoch are heading to Ballarat to “tailgate” the Cod squad. Kelsey “Dropsy” Burder will be doing double duty. As mentioned in a previous edition he is serving as coach of the 35 plus group. Great to have the boys on board for what is shaping up to be another memorable Victorian Masters Baseball carnival.
Nothing like good banter
    It has been an entertaining month on the Cods Masters Baseball page with a couple of notable Cods heading south into to Tasmania Baseball territory to do some stirring and most importantly having a good time with a good friend of this column Chris “Chalky” Chalker. The draw from the masters has been released and it turns out that the Saturday could be very entertaining with Cods reacquainting themselves with their nemesis, Tassie, mid afternoon. At the moment Cods are up in the ledger but the Tassie men will be looking to turn the tables on them. If not, then one thing is sure that it will be settled somewhere else later.
Clarence and the E Street Band
    After a six month trip up the Hume in Albury, Wangaratta’s number one boy group have returned home. Nambrok are back in the city and are ready to stamp their mark back on the baseball club. There has been a change in personnel since last year with Brad “Undies” Murdoch giving up the band life, with Sam “Goggles” Grigg taking his place. More importantly they will be overseen by their boss “Clarence” Daniel Griffin. Look for good things from the E street band in 2018.
Season 2018
    The North Eastern Baseball Association is looking to begin the season after the Easter break. That would be the weekend of the 7th-8th of March. Once again Wangaratta will be entering two teams into the season, along side North Albury Bears, Benalla Bandits, Wodonga Warriors and Porepunkah Panthers. The draw is currently under construction and will be available on team app as soon as it is released. Dust the glove off, wind up the arm and the swing and head down to the Ranch for a throw and a hit in readiness for what will be another cracking season of North Eastern Baseball.
Coaching Capers
    It was great to hear that the Wangaratta Baseball Club committee got themselves organised with roles and responsibilities already way before the start of the season. So much so that coaches have already been locked in for season 2018. This year Wangaratta Rangers Orange will be under the care of “Groundskeeper” Micky Wyatt and Steve “Fernando” Peruzzo. Speaking of Mick’s grounds keeper role, he has already taken to it with gusto posting pictures on Facebook of his handy work. Meanwhile for Rangers Black, Nathan “FOMO Rubberarm” Pool is back in command with former “Iron Chef” Tetsu Kamiyama taking on the role of hitting specialist. Training is already in full swing (pardon the pun) with up to 15 Rangers and some special guests having a throw and a hit on Thursday nights on diamond two. So far the boys and girls are just slowly and steadily working their way into the season. If you are interested in having a run drop, the club a line at or check us out on Facebook under Wangaratta Rangers. Boys and girls of all abilities are welcome down at the Ranch!
Azza no more Prime Time has arrived!
    It has been noted down at training on Thursday nights that Aaron Parker needs a new nickname in relation to his rather new bright fielders glove. Now the glove needs to be seen to be believed but to go with his all out playing style and his ability to chase down baseballs that many of us older gentlemen just cannot get to, he will from this moment forward be known as Aaron “Prime Time” Parker. He is looking to take his game and name up into neon lights this year.
T-Ball Season update
    T-Ball is in full swing on a Wednesday night and the club are looking for more boys and girls to enjoy the great game of     T-ball. It is on every Wednesday night from 6pm till mid March. If any current player out there could head down and help out on the night it would be greatly appreciated by all involved.
The Wangaratta Baseball/Softball Sports Club would like to pass on their condolences to the Lewis family on the passing of Kath. Also the club would like to pass on its thoughts to to the Martin family for the loss of their daughter Emma. Forever members of the Wangaratta baseball/softball sports club.
Club News
  • Make sure you download the app from search Wangaratta Rangers. Calendar is continually being updated.
  • Website will be updated when new information comes to hand and link to line drive through site.
  • Committee meeting this Wednesday night 7pm. All are welcome.
  • If you are playing Cods then the insurance needs to be paid via members login on website. Same process as last year.
  • Cods Masters March 16th to 18th Ballarat 2018
  • Check out our sponsors via the tab on the website. Your continued support is appreciated.
  • Follow us @wangrangers on
  • New shirts will be available before the beginning of the 2018 season. Beanies, caps and stubby holders still available.
That’s about it for this edition. Thanks for reading please like and share and keep spreading the word about baseball in Wangaratta.
Go Rangers
Go Cods

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